Ideas for changing an object into a card in someone else's hand?

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  1. Hi All,

    So the other day I thought of a cool card teleportation routine. However, for the reveal, I was wondering if this would be plausible: I would like to give someone an object that doesn't appear to be a card, let them hold it between their hands, and magically, it turns int the spectator's selected card. Any direction/references for this kind of effect would be great!

    note: I already have figured out all the other parts of the routine, the only part I am struggling with is figuring out how to get the card into the spectator's hands.
  2. Here's the thing-doesn't this sound too good to be true? I personaly would never try something of this exact sort. Would work with stuff like sponge balls but cards? Nope.

    The only way you can actually do what you're looking for would be if the "object" in question is something similar enough to a card that it feels the same as a card in your hand, where obviously the two are switched before being given to the spectator. Or, the old card in lemon or something of the sort.

    I would just place a torn card in someone's hand and then it'll turn out to be the required card but folded,which can be done with a thousand different methods. Just as strong an effect.

    Finally, this isn't what you're looking for, but you could try card under watch with patter of your choice.
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  3. I sent you DM.
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  4. It's been done before, however, you can fold a playing card to look like a matchbook. I have even seen a card that was fashioned into a BIC style razor.

    Maybe that will spark some ideas?

    Best of luck!
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  5. How about if you controlled the selection to the top and then Mercury folded it, and got it into finger palm. Then take one of your business cards and fold it into quarters. Ask them to hold out their hand, and as they are doing so, do a shuttle pass and place their selected (folded) card into their hand, assisting them to close their hand (so they can't get a good look). Go into your pocket for a sharpie and ditch the business card, then hand them the sharpie and ask them wave it over their hand and to "mentally write" the name of their card on the business card. Then ask them to name their card out loud. After they do, say, "Let's see if the experiment was a success." When they open their hand, they will be amazed to discover.... To be honest I have never tried this, and it just came to me when I read JackoBlades' post. But it might be fun to try.
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  6. check out LIT , i beleive they have it for sell here on T11

    (edit: confirmed its here on T11 store, 'tis where i got mine. )

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