Ideas on card trick for bar???

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  1. I live in chicago working at bar and I was thinking of making a chicago cubs card trick ideas?

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  2. Card to Coaster
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  3. Unfortunately, I don't have any specific tricks to recommend for a bar setting (I work with kids. The only kids you see at a bar usually belong to 'parent-of-the-year).

    I will say to look into some packet tricks and mental magic effects.
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  4. use a deck of cubs cards and have one indians card. Place the indians card on top and say "id like to show you a trick with my favorite team." look down and be like "whoops wrong deck!" Then do a standard color change to make it look like you transform the deck right there into the cubs deck. Then proceed to do a card trick.

    Card to beer coaster is an excellent idea!

    also card under glass (if you have the misdirection skills) is a killer bar routine!
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  5. I recommend the classic color change, the classic force, and criss cross force
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  6. I'd imagine that any visual color change you can execute well would be good for bars. If you are in a seated position that also gives you an advantage on certain moves such as specific passes that may work better with tables.
  7. I suggest scam school and Paul Gordon's work
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  8. ok great ideas thanks
  9. Scam School is the best place to go. It is where I got into magic actually. I used to show scams to friends when I worked at Party City and after I left I moved on to magic. If you are only working with cards and bar stuff though I would only do stuff like card to coaster or vanishing salt. If you are a bartender your job is to serve drinks, not entertain. As a bartender I never find time to entertain and if there is time it usually doesn't warrant entertaining them. They are at a bar to watch a game usually or chat with buddies.

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