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  1. This is a part of a series of pdfs that he is going to release soon. This one is a couple effects that don't need elaborate gimmicks, most of it is impromptu and the others require very little set up.

    The effects are:Deo- A way of ditching a coin with deodorant

    L1NKED- Linking rubber bands with ONE rubber band.

    Time- A prediction using the computer.

    Hot- A completely clean blister effect.

    Sharpie- Instant re-cap of a Sharpie Marker.

    Stuck- A stupidly simple coin vanish.

    I will be reviewing the tricks in that order.

    Deo: Basically it's a way of making a coin dissapear by using a spray can of deoderant. Because it dissapears in the cloud of mist created by the deoderant it's probably meant to be performed in the locker room, don't wanna be walking around spraying people on the street. It isn't an original 'move', but a nice way of making a coin dissapear. Some things that I liked about it is that it does end clean and also it makes it dissapear in the cloud of mist (nice alternative to using the untra smoke), and using the can is a nice 'excuse' for the move, the hand that isn't making the coin dissapear isn't just hanging by your side or holding the coin in some aquward palm. Overal I thought it was an alright idea, might be using it later on in the future.

    L1INKED: The magicians attempts to link 2 rubbed bands but turns them into 1 rubbed band instead. This trick isn't strong or visual enough to hold it's own, but in the routine it's said to be used after performing missing link. It's a nice surprise when the audince is expecting something different. Not to hard, nice little peice of elastic work here boys.

    Time: A predictian effect using you computer and it allows you to predict anything electronicly. I know how everything is going digital these days and will definatley be using this later on in the future. This 'principal' that is used allows the reciever of this to check the time that it was sent and the email can show that it was sent long before the event took place. Can be done on Mac or Pc. Probably one of my favourie effects on this pdf.

    Hot: A home made blister effect that can be made from materials that I'm sure if you're reading this you have. It's a nice alternative to having a big gimmick bouncing around in you pocket. With this meathod you can create any symbol or shape and can apply it to most surfaces. I definatley like this, not an original trick but a much more effective way of doing it in my opinion. Definatley something that you will be using.

    Sharpie: Based on RedLine by Dan Hauss, but performed with mini sharpies cause this guy is too getto for chapsticks. Nothing new here just an idea of doing a trick with different props. Not meant to be done with regular sharpies, they're just to big, but if you've got some mongo paws maybe you could pull off full sized sharpies.

    Stuck: Very simple coin vanish that requires some knowlege about coin work. I personally have been doing this even before this pdf, it's a nice way of making a coin dissapear without sticky stuff, sleeves, ditching, heck you could do it naked if you really needed to! It allows you to have both hands empty then make the coin appear again. This all sounds too good to be true , and it is a good vanish but it is really only good 1 on 1 because it is very angle sensative. Seeing though how the magority of the you magicians these days rarely perform infront of an audice, most of their performing is done infront of a web-cam. So if you're looking for a nice clean coin vanish that doesn't require any crazy sleight of hand, this is the stuff for you.

    So that's all there is to this PDF. I think that it has some good material for beginners and guys who are well on their way. I will probably be using hot and time later on in the furture for sure, and maybe L1NKED. Hope you guys enjoyed this review, I'm glad I saw the post asking for poeple to review this because I'm not on the computer much.

    Untill next time, Adios
  2. Hey JDENredden, I really liked your pdf. I'll put up my thoughts up as soon as possible.

    Thanks for the PDF.


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