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  1. For Christmas I was given a brick of various unopened/uncanceled casino decks. Most of them were easily identifiable, but three decks had no distinguishing marks. Below are pictures of the three, front and back, and a picture of the deck seal that is on the two colored decks. If anyone knows anything about these decks, your knowledge would be appreciated.

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  2. I don't know dude but they sure do look rare. I've never even heard of the Major Playing Card Company. The blank pack is just like the White Cents but the cards look like standard Bee's. I say, don't open them and don't research them. The mystery just seems cool.
  3. Woah Major playing Card company, maybe it was made by a different company outside of USA? They do look like bee brand, but the ones that look like bee brand seem more like "bridge" playing cards. Most likely they are probably some decks that are used in casinos around the world.
  4. PM Mr.England. He'll know what they are...hopefully.
  5. @LordDrizzle I'm pretty sure Major Playing Card Company is centered in China

    @Shocker The two colored ones are bridge size

    And if it makes anything any clearer, some of the other decks in the box included 3 decks of Paulson's, one deck from the Hard Rock Hotel, and one from Stellaris Casino in Aruba.

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