If you are thinking about submitting to The Wire..


I think if you have to ask people if they would buy it, you dont have much faith in your trick, and will produce a sub par quality trick.
Yes The Wire is a fantastic way to release your magic, but dont just do it for the hell of it. Spend time working on your tricks, you shouldnt be inventing for the Wire. The tricks on the Wire should have been invented years ago.

Sorry for another Wire thread, I just dont want it to get (for lack of a better word) raped.



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Jul 23, 2007
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We agree wholeheartedly, most importantly in the interest of your effect just getting approved. Your video must show some creative merit to be approved - just like I can't remix a Lady Gaga song a little bit and upload it to iTunes as my own. Even though I really, really want to. Just kidding.

Take your time, develop your effect or flourish, and work on it until you can't imagine it getting any better. Then work it some more. Like a video on YouTube, your effect on The Wire will be seen by countless other people, and first impression counts. Make the most of it.
Nov 20, 2007
Sydney, Australia
Agreed with both of the above.

My biggest fear with The Wire is that people will be given the opportunity to release half-baked ideas. These ideas may be good ideas. They may be creative ideas. But they're just that - ideas that are not yet fully formed into magic, and that makes all the difference. As I wrote in another post, Jay Sankey, Devin Knight and Kevin Parker are three individuals known for producing sub-standard, half-baked, and sometimes downright terrible products. Some of them were great ideas, but in the majority of cases, it's more that they weren't developed well enough, rather than being downright terrible. So to anyone thinking of releasing something... I'd strongly suggest holding onto it until you've fully developed the idea into something worth presenting. I'd like to make a nostalgic reference to material that was developed for years in someone's working repertoire before being released, though that is probably too idealistic for today.

Don't be the next Kevin Parker. Don't do it.
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