If you could have only one deck of cards...?

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  1. If you had to pick one deck and one deck only to have with you on a deserted island what would it be??

    I think that I would prob. have to go with my vintage deck of Golden Nuggets... The ORANGE deck I got.. Maybe some1 would see the orange from the air when i was doing fans and come rescue me.. LOL..
  2. a deck of swiss army survival credit cards. haven't you seen cast away? a plane is not going to see you.. so find a volleyball, make a friend and get ready for a long wait....and an oscar for being a sellout.... damn you tom hanks, there's nothing good in what you do..
  3. I really dont know
    depends on the context.
    am i on an island?
    is it just as now?
    do i need to earn as much money asap?
    if so then it would be.
    plastic cards,
    Jerries/ Golden Nuggets
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    Some plastic Prestige cards from Bycicle. They handle closer to cards than any other plastic cards on the market and they are practically indestructible and completely water proof. It would be good enough if I was going to be stuck there for a year, lol. I can't think of any other deck that would survive the conditions.
  5. Arrco U.S. Regs.

    My workhouse.
  6. For practicality, I'd have to agree with Bike Prestige. Best plastic deck I have seen. On an island, that is what you would want.

    Forgetting the elements, if I was just simply stranded by myself, a deck of Mirrors. Best cards I have ever handled, hands down. I would be perfectly content for quite some time with a deck of those.
  7. yeah either actually I love my splitspades but they may get ruined on an island but also another one may be 1st editions of smoke cards.. yah and my last choice may be some red jerry's.. sounds good to me
  8. Interesting question. I'm not going to go with practicality for this one...I don't think that is the point. I think its a question to see what would be your ideal deck in a desperate situation. I am going to have to go with...

    Meh, I can't make up mind yet. It is a tie between three decks. Splits, Jerrys, and Propaganda.

    I can tell you what decks I wouldnt bring....Brown Wynns. Ack, worst deck ever next to the dollar store plastic coated cards that don't even spread. Oh and I wouldn't bring any white deck...they would get sooo dirty. :)
  9. Instead of Golden nuggets, i'd choose Chicken Nuggets.
  10. I would probably go with a stainless steel deck of cards. Very functional for survival.
  11. Dan and Dave's sportacus cards.
  12. A deck of Bikes would suffice for me.
  13. Umm, I'm not sure if I would want a deck of playing cards.

    Perhaps a deck of rather large and thick playing cards-big enough for me to make a small raft with 54 of them.

    Or just Bikes.
  14. tally-ho. but wait, these are edible and have a transmitting device in them which will allow me to be rescued, have a meal and be entertained at the same time.
  15. I would want a radio disguised as a deck of cards. Just in case that the island is close to Kazakhstan and i get kidnapped by terrorists.
  16. Nobody's said KEM???
    Come on guys... they last forever.
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    Glad to see alot of responses for my stupid ???

    Some 1 said about the bike prestige decks and they are all 100% plastic but for manipulations THEY ABSOLUTELY suck .. I got a vintage deck of KEMS from like 1935 ands they are like BRAND NEW.. Just perfect condition.. KEM cards do alst forever.. well I duno now since USPCC took them over a few years ago... but the do..

    and as for the prestige decks... I bought 2 decks and when is een the made in CHINA on the ACE of SPADES i couldnt believe it!! I threw them in the trash to be honest!!! MAde in CHINA!! And they call themselves the United States Playing Card Company..

    I threw them away... If Iw anted cards mad ein china I would have bought some dollar general store cards.. Old KEMs are great for poker night but not for doing card sleights.. well you can do some but tis best to stick to plastic coated cards..
  18. Soooo many favorite deck threads. Anyway, I'd bring a deck of red Bicycle Masters.

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