If You Could Only Have 1 Magic Book, What Would it Be?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Jayq, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. yeah, like the title says

    im looking to buy my first magic book cuz im going to college and figured it could help me pass some time and improve my sleight of hand and performing(along with social skills hopefully :'()

    i think that one book would be enough material to last me the entire time im there

    any suggestions?
  2. Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic.
  3. Without knowing anything else about you, that would be my recommendation also.

    If I had to keep only one book from my collection, it would be a different book. If I had to recommend one book for doing close up performance it would be a different book. If you need to learn the basics, it would be something different. If you are only doing card tricks, something else. If you have basic skills and are looking for some "street magic" performance material another book.

    So my questions is what resources do you already have, what effects do you currently perform, how often and for who do you perform and what type of magic do you want to be performing?
  4. For the reasons you specified, I am gonna third Wilson's book.
    HOWEVER if I wanted to have a book related to magic for my entire life, I would actually choose Tricks of the Mind by Derren Brown. It is not EXACTLY magic, but it has the true secrets. Effects, methods, techniques, sleights, today I can get them without any sort of book, no matter how sub-par they are. However, what is written in Derren's book?

    Not for your average and highly stereotypical magician.
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  5. I fourth this as well.

    For me personally: Theatrical Magic Omnibus: Turning Tricks Into Theater by John Pyka.
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  6. Mark Wilson's Course is amazing, as you've already heard.

    I guess saying the whole of Tarbell is cheating lol (especially since I'm only going off of the part I've read, haven't had time for the whole thing). Probably not for an absolute beginner though (language is annoyingly difficult imo)
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  7. my only resource right now is youtube (dont kill me pls), i mostly perform card tricks and mentalism and i practice almost everyday. magic-wise, i look up to lennart green, daniel garcia, shin lim, penn and teller and chris ramsay (there are more but it'll be a long list). i want to perform close up, like something that'll make me the most interesting guy in the room (i dont talk much)

    im definitely checking out Wilson's book
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  8. I haven't killed anybody.... recently.

    Get the three books in Paul Harris's Art of Astonishment for $135. I'd also say to get the five Volume Card College Series for #185. For $320. With those eight books, you will be able to CORRECTLY learn the vast majority of known card slights (most of which are not on YouTube) and have a lifetime worth of material. If you can't afford to get them all at once, get the first two Card College books and the first Art of Astonishment book.
  9. i can't find anywhere to get these books, i live in malaysia, anything else?
  10. Mine would have too be

    If an octopus could palm
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  11. I'll go with Royal Road to Card Magic by Jean Hugard and Frederick Braue.
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  12. I’m not sure about shipping costs, but check out Vanishing and L&L Publishing’s websites.
  13. I would second this, but only if you have decided to only do card magic.
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  14. Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic, and Royal Road to Card Magic.
  15. Magic of Ascanio book Vol. 1 - The Structural Conception of Magic
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  16. Give me some specifics here. Are you new to magic? Or intermediate? Also, what type of magic do you perform? Card tricks, gambling demonstrations, coin magic, cups and balls, mentalism? Because you know, it depends what you're after. Like, I wouldn't buy Bobo's Coin Magic, not because it's bad because I've seen people perform tricks from that book and it's amazing. But, because I'm a gambler and it would be a waste of money and would be useless to me.
  17. Hocus Pocus Jr.

    Perhaps the earliest printing of a cups and balls routine
  18. You've had some excellent suggestions so far. I'd also endorse some of the titles mentioned, like Mark Wilson's book, and even Royal Road to Card Magic - but the latter only if you want to focus on card magic.

    I think you need to tell us a little bit more about:
    - what your focus in magic will be: only card magic? or also coin magic, impromptu magic, etc?
    - what your current level of ability is: beginner? or intermediate?

    Some other possibilities:
    - Joshua Jay's "Magic: The Complete Course": This is also quite good, and even comes with a DVD, but the section on card magic is not that extensive, and it is geared more to beginners.
    - David Pogue's "Magic for Dummies": The authors are no dummies, and the contributors of the material in this book include some big names like Michael Ammar, Daryl, and many others, and it has some wonderful tricks.
  19. Sorry, ive been working for the last month or so

    I would like to learn card sleights.
    I love the idea of knowing something they dont and card cheating really appeals to me (for demo purposes).

    As for level, i would say im an intermediate magician. But ive not practiced in a while (cuz work) so i cant palm properly anymore but i know how to cover angles.

    I also love the theory and psychology of magic and pictures would also help lots :)
  20. If you are an intermediate level magician I would suggest Strong Magic by Darwin Ortiz. Learn it, love it, live it.

    Any help with sleights can be gotten in person. I guarentee you aren't the only magician on campus. Find the guy/gal who is better than you and make friends. You can also hook up with finger flingers from around the world through skype.

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