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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Strife, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. Time for a fun forum!

    If you could make anything you wanted with no limitations what trick or device would you make?
  2. I would make a backpack with specialized compartments. Each compartment would be specially shaped and padded for holding different effects for street magic, it would come in handy indeed!
  3. That's kinda neat :)
  4. That´s it?...I mean..having the power to do anything you chose a backpack that you can make yourself?...and only for street magic?...what a waste...

    I would certainly make an infinity box...or a teleporter...
  5. It's essentially been around for centuries. . . in the 80s we called it a Fanny Pack. . . it's usually a leather pouch that has holders for various effects and special loads. Once you learn how to work with it (as most of the more traditional buskers have done "forever") you will have more than a sufficiently sized arsenal at your disposal. Besides, packing around 1,001 props won't make you a "Magician"; learning how to do magic on the other hand. . .

    My problem with this challenge is that when it comes to magic itself, I have fulfilled this dream on several levels and the next big step for me is getting some of my past creations on the market (that's a hint for anyone interested in making some nifty props). I do have the desire to finish up my Psychic Wheelchair(s) however; one is a Steampunk facade and the other is a specially modified replica of an 1890's era chair. I'm still interested in making up the Zoltar and Santa Facades as well, but that's pretty much it.
  6. I'd build a Tardis. Seems like a good idea
  7. Hmmmm true true... but fanny packs just seem like they couldnt hold some of the bigger tricks on the market. Plus you could put some bottles of glue or some one time effect making things in (scissors, exacto knife, rubber cement) in it.
    If i could make one effect I'd want a simple one you could blow them away with. Like signed card to their back pocket with no stooges and standing in front of them the whole time. Nothing like teleporting haha but that would be nice
  8. I would make NZT (limitless) and also something that could make me fly,:)
  9. The perfect vanishing device.

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