I'm 15. Can I use a credit card?

Dec 22, 2007
California: LA
hi Guys, i know this is a very general question, but ill just ask it, because im assuming some of you do it...

okay, there are times when a new product is released, or theres something that i like, and when i ask my dad to get it, he always says no....he makes a magic order once every like year.... i just want to ask if its legal for a 15 year old to have a pre paid credit card....like can i walk into ralohs alone, and get it without my parents by my side? Just asking
Apr 28, 2008
When I was 15 I had a Debit Card which worked on practically every site and in most stores as well. You just open a bank account and they give you the card.

It's going to be different depending on where you live, I live in the UK.
Although, wherever you live, I think it's very likely you'll be able to get a Debit card.
Here's a great tip I worked out for all of you people who like shopping online but don't have those cards everyone wants so badly! This is great for people who are minors, people who hate credit cards, or those who hate identity theft.

There's NO age limit.
No credit cards.
No applications.
It's also free or very cheep.

So you wanna buy some new gear....

Pictured: Sony HVR-HD1000U, a really great camera.

But you don't want/have a bank account....

Pictured: Bank owner with your Money.

.. so you can't pay.

Not having a bank account....
That's cool and all. Keeping your cash for yourself. But... back to your plan. You want to pick up some gear online that you can't pay for.

What does that make you?

Pictured: What you'll be if you try to order without paying.

A thief. That is -- if you can even order something without giving a credit/debit card number. -- and yes, you pick up a smoking habit.

So how do you do it?
You want a new camera. It's the Sony HVR-HD1000U, you got a great deal, and they charge you $500. You go over to the "bank" or any place where these are sold and give them $503-$510. They give you a card that works just like a credit card.
Its something called a "gift card." You can get them at banks, corner stores, even walmart is trying out a program. You can click here and find out where there selling "visa" gift cards near you. Don't be silly, the price may vary from $3-$9. The price is worth it, I think. Normally I pay $4 or so.
Don't shop around too much, you can't save that much money.
Check out banks first because, sometimes banks give them free!
Now get this. With this method, you never give your address, or open an account...
so... no chance of identity theft!

Pictured: You after following my advice.

Remember: ANYONE can buy one, there is no age limit, no forms to fill out. No questions asked. Nothing.

Warning: There may be a $1000 limit per card, but you can get two cards and work it out with the person your buying from to make two payments.

Taken from: Indy Mogul.


I've worked in banking, so I can answer this pretty easily.

You cannot have a credit card before you're 18. If you obtain one by lying, that's credit card fraud and is not a good idea.

You can get a back account before 18, but your parent has to be on the account with you in most cases. Some banks offer what they call a "teen checking," and this is designed to to get you into good standing with your bank when you turn 18.

Your debit card will be tightly limited, usually to between 100-200 dollars, but trust me, that's a good thing. I've had plenty of 19 year old closeouts sitting at my desk owing the bank thousands because they weren't strict enough to keep themselves in check.

Check which banks are in your area, then look them up online and see if they offer an account like that. If you need more help, PM me and I will give you all the advice/help I can.

Feb 28, 2008
I believe you can just get a pre paid credit card at like a 7-11 or something and it should be fine. Just check out the ordering form on here (or where you're going to purchase from) and see... or just contact the site itself.
Jan 27, 2008
It's illegal to get one before the age of 18, 19, or whatever your country legally considers an adult.

There is a very good reason for that though, because at this young age you are not intelligent enough to make proper financial descisions.

However it's always possible to make a paypal account through a debit/bank card, that is what I use.
Going into debt because of credit card fraud, paying off cards with other cards, all at the age of 15 isn't very ingenius.
Jan 27, 2008
Stop filling these forums with your lies..
I don't understand what your saying. At the age of 15 you are NOT capable of making the same descisions as you would if you were 20, when you haven't taken financial or buisness courses yet, as much as you think so.

Fine, I believe you, go commit credit card fraud and tell me how it works out...

Nov 30, 2007
You can get a debit card. I have probably had one since I was like 12 and it has worked great for me! Best of luck!
I think people here are not realising the differences between a credit card and a debit card.

With a credit card, you will need some sort of source of income, otherwise you will have to pay back huge amounts if you do not pay it back. Credit cards are good for getting a good credit rating if you use it wisely.

As for a debit card, you can only use the money you own, unless you have a overdraft which you can be charged for monthly. And yeah... A lot more to it than this.
Sep 1, 2007
Here on US, I have used my mom's credit card a lot of times in real shops (not online) and they dont even ask for an ID :p.

USA rocks
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