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  1. I hear the teaching is not the best on this dvd is that true. Ive been practicing Extreme begginers for a year now but I think it's time to expand. So how would you rate this dvd from 1 to 5? Hopefully I can learn everything that it has to offer.
  2. actually it isn't teaching on this dvd...
    it's more like slowing down the time, that's what the teaching looks like, it's really hard to learn, because they don't say a word and there is also no text that tells you where to put your fingers and so.
    I wouldn't recommend it, buy the trilogy it's way better than the system
  3. The System as some good flourishes and you can learn some of them in the Trilogy disc. 2 , anyway, the teaching is a bit dificult to understand since some angles aren't aproppiate and they don't say a word. Is a good DVD if you want to spend some time learning the flourishes.

    Trilogy disc.2 is also awesome, if you start feel confortable with flourshing. I will recomend you buying it whatever you bough The System or not.

    The System: 4
    Trilogy disc. 2: 4,5

    Hope helps
  4. I've never had a problem learning from the System. If you apply yourself enough, learning from it should be easy. Just prepare for a lot of practice - something you'd be aware of if you're at the stage of purchasing said DVD, I guess. Have fun.

    -Sam H
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    Get the system. It came out quite a while ago and the teaching style isn't as convenient as it is today. But you can learn every one of those moves from the DVD. And you will be happy knowing that tutorials just get better from there.

    Especially if you are a beginner this dvd will force the revolution cut down your throat, so you will have that mastered in no time if you work hard on the material. It is how I started, and I don't regret it a bit.

    Making an excuse about the teaching just means you are lazy....
    EDIT:4.5/5 Teaching may be a 3/5 but all the frickin' stuff in there + the vault (whenever it comes back) is immense
  6. As the other members stated, it has been teach in a very slow motion. What I strongly recommend for you is to learn the charlier cut, sybil cut, revolution cut are what you need to know. Many people complain the teaching of The System, but if you put your dedication towards it, then it should be fine. There is also a Pasteboard Animation that Dan and Dave Buck uses for audio teaching. I own the System and I am proud of it.
  7. No, the Trilogy isn't better than the System IMO. Just the teaching is better on the Trilogy.
  8. That is great news that you're getting the system. keep us posted and let us know when you learn the WERM.
  9. ^ HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA... giggity.
  10. Haha, your the man.


    Now, if you're a person that gives up after a day of practice.
    Then FAIL, and never come back again to cardistry.

    Practice until you can perform the cut faster than dan or dave on the DVD, then post a video.


  11. I learned the werm in a day. :p Though it's slow and clumsy it works!
  12. In terms of teaching i would say that the trilogy is much easier to learn from.. I had the trilogy before i bought the system and the system didnt even compare in terms of the teaching. However this is still some good material on the system...

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