I'm here... Are you?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by LeeAsher, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. 'Monday at midnight... Monday at midnight.' That's all you've heard for the last few months.

    Well, now you're here and hopefully starting to see what theory11 is all about.

    Look around, take your time, and please -- enjoy yourself.

    When you're done -- drop me an email and let me know your thoughts.

    Thanks for being a part of magic history.

    Speak with you soon.

    Lee Asher
  2. I'm here , wow.
  3. This thing rocks Lee.

    Im loving it :p
  4. Nice...My new home ...
  5. I am too. I truly hope that this site lives up to your goals.
  6. I hope so too. And I have a pretty good feeling that it will.

  7. yay! no more sitting up till 5 in the morning to see yet another video :D

    looks promising, looking forward to the next few days to see what's happening :)
  8. In attendance

    ever since I bought your 5 Card Stud DVD from you and your back pack at Desert Magic Seminar YEARS ago, I've been a huge fan. I'm really looking forward to this site. God Bless,
  9. Looking forward to a great site. :D Thanks Lee.
  10. Its a good thing that i dont have to get up like at 5in the morning! But this is a hood place to get info on tricks and get good tips im really looking foward to this thing! So lets all be good community and start doin some śtuff....:p
  11. Thanks Lee ! All the best ! I like it so much !!! :)
  12. This site is going to be awesome, I just joined. And if anyone is looking to take their magic to the next level, then this is the place to be. :)
  13. Theory 11 is awesome:cool:...loving it!
  14. woohoo

    damn im excited...ive been staying up till midnight every monday and finally its here...i cant wait to see all the new tricks you guys have up your sleeves eh?:p

    PS the guaradians look really great...i love it :D!!

  15. Woooo

    this is the coolest site EVER!!!!!

    Respect to the guys hu made this
  16. *Agrees*

    Kudos to Theory 11
  17. I'm sorry...

    Wow i feel bad for "other" magic sites. I think Theory11 has them beat at the forefront, they'll just have to try (and sell minor supplies)
  18. yay

    your the best lee, keep all the good tricks up :p and keep the good site up as well
  19. This is my home away from home , home sweet home =)

    I just LOVE IT !
  20. This will be my new stomping grounds =], haha if I ever need my magic fix this will be the place I end up


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