I'm really mad now.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dark Witness, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. About the Voucher thing. I had Tivo-2.0 Ready to be bought then it came up about the abusers. Also Abusers if you are reading this... SCREW YOU!
  2. Yeah!

    I was about to get b4 when the stupid thing popped up saying the coupon code has been disabled! Stupid abusers, screw you guys!
  3. i was about to get slipshot or tivo 2.0 then i read this stupid people have to steal why cant they just be happy they got 1 free thing:mad:
  4. That's really unfair for the honest ones.

  5. You betcha - see my previous post about this here. It sucks and it is not cool. We had no choice but to disable it. The offer was for one free trick, not 30, and the livelihood of our artists and team depends wholeheartedly on sale of our products. That said, this was a tough decision, but one we had to make. We're actively researching other solutions as we speak as to how to re-enable this offer, securely, with a limit of once per customer.
  6. Can't you do like a one discount per IP Adress type thing?
  7. So I was having a bad day, all sorts going wrong. I got home and read this email from T11. Great, thanks Mr Bayme and pals, nice touch. 20 minutes later, I'd narrowed it down to El Cambio Nada or DVR. I made my choice and then ... bad day all round.
  8. We're working on something like that right now. Even that wouldn't be secure from someone hell-bent on stealing things, though, but it would have blocked a number of people from abusing the system this morning. We can't re-activate the promotion until and unless it is secure, but we are doing everything we can technologically to make that happen.
  9. You know what? This just ruined my day. I was just about to buy "The Pop Out Move". You should ban those people's IP addresses permanently. Idiots... (happened to me on Handlordz:p). What are you going to do to the abusers? You should shoot them. That would be really funny. Act like it is a magic trick and then you know... do in on 'accident'.

  10. Oh yes, because typing out flaming taunts in all capital letters doesn't violate any of our forum rules regarding behavior or anything.
  11. Kudos to you JB for still being committed to this after all the abusers. I'd have half a mind to say the rotten apples spoiled the barrel and oh well.
  12. is it possible to have a numerically different number system? sort of like the gift certificates? give out a bunch of $4.95 oones?
  13. I was about to get the Shinobi Control, just the name made me excited ... but then :(

    I really want the peoples that did this to get ban .... if thats possible,lol, as they don't deserve this
  14. This does suck. I was assuming from the way the email was worded that the offer was going out to people who had previously purchased stuff on Theory11, not just anyone who set up an account. I also got to this too late.
  15. Thats true Draven... But you have to see it in his.. and my eyes. We were given this chance to get a trick for free. But no, some users had to spoil it because they are selfish.

    Just a side note... i was going to get Gypsy Thread by Dan Sperry...
  16. @Blake I can sympathize with the frustration and subsequent need to vent.
  17. It is truly awesome and a show of appreciation for T11 to make this offer. But I'm afraid there is no sure fire way around this because this isn't a technical issue, it's a human nature issue.

    There will always be greedy people, unethical people, and dumbazz teenagers thinking they can "get one over on the world".

    If you do it by IP address, that will only stop a few, not enough to stop the those who would do this anyway.

    If you go by only those who have purchased from T11 and send out codes only to them, there is a high possibility that they will give it to friends.

    The only real technical solution are unique codes that matches email addresses of customers who have purchased from T11. But that's too much trouble to give away a free gift that was suppose to only last 72 hours.

    If it were me, I would simply do a filter on the database for those who have bought at least 3 separate items and send out codes only to those people. People who are repeat customers are less likely to do this kind of stuff, still no guarantees but it's the least troublesome way.

    Unfortunately, the world has always worked this way, the internet makes it even worse.
  18. What rule? He is expressing his opinion. Its not like hes threatening anybody or anything. If he was threatening someone then I would agree with you.
  19. Ok. I gothcya draven. it still sucks though.
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    Unfortunately, IMHO, I don't think these people "stealing" these extra downloads adversely affects the creators in anyway. These theives aren't the type of people who would have purchased the downloads in the first place. These "select few" theives out of thousands weren't the one's supporting the creators. It was the other thousands. In the end disabling the free stuff hasn't really hurt the theives, it's hurt those who have really supported the creators. I don't think disabling the free download because of a "select few" warrants the taking away of a free download from thousands.

    That said, I hope you do find a solution and are able to provide this free download as intended.

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