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    Company - SM Productionz
    Artist - G
    Runtime - 29min

    Ad Copy: Materializing spectator's thought onto a signed blank card...

    Imagine being able to turn a SIGNED double blank card into a thought of playing card. Front AND Back, with the spectator's SIGNATURE on the FACE of the card!

    The most talked about underground effect 2009 is finally hitting the market. Equip yourself with one of the most powerful and practical tool in your arsenal.

    "There is a point in magic where the spectators fool themselves... This effect exploits that to the max. I can tell you from performing this, it's a beautiful moment for the participant and the performer. I call this effect 'Something From Nothing'! "
    - Andrew Gerard from Mind Freak

    "A visual, mental miracle that happens in their hands, this is an offbeat, simple effect that gets amazing reactions!"
    - Bro Gilbert from True Astonishment Project

    Teaching: G teaches this effect in a silent manner with text whenever it's necessary. Not bad.

    Quality: The DVD is of very good quality. However, SMP is not T11.

    The effect: You read the ad copy and testimonials. However, this is not color change. You have someone sign a double blank card and after you help them visualize a card, the card in their hands changes into their "thought" of card. It's very powerful.

    My thoughts: I really like this effect. It's so easy. It's one of those things that makes you say: "Damn. Wish I would have thought of that." I actually laughed out loud and said, "You are a clever bastard, G," when I saw how it worked.

    You can only do this effect with certain cards. This doesn't actually bother me too much. I think the effect itself is well worth it.

    The spectator doesn't visibly see it change. They do however, take the blank card after you show it to them and sign the face. Then they hold it between their hands. After you "help them visualize" a card, it morphs into their card. I really liked this sequence a lot.

    There is only 1 method to achieving this trick, but G shows different versions of the method that he and his friends devised. He credits them accordingly.

    Here are the people that helped out on Imagine:

    Will Tsai
    Andrew Gerard

    He also credits the inventors of the older sleights used in a variation of Imagine:

    Paul Le Paul
    Darwin Ortiz
    Jean Hugard and Fred Braue
    Juan Tamariz

    What I liked about the crediting was that G listed the original source of the sleights and went so far as to put the page number. Nicely done.

    I'll be doing a new section in my reviews titled "The Real World" from now on. This section focuses on how I think this will play in the real world.

    The Real World

    G has created a fantastic yet simple solution to making a thought of card materialize on a signed blank card.
    Will this play well in real performance?
    The effect is so easy to perform.
    There are so many variations so you can pick which suits you best and then focus on presentation.
    G shows you a live performance of Imagine and at the end everyone freaks out. Pretty standard for a magic effect. The spectator then took a picture of G and the card with his signature on it. I think that's a really good reaction. But to each their own. Also, the reactions in the demo for the effect are very nice.
    Will I be performing this?
    I think I will. I really like this trick.

    What type of audience will this play for?
    This effect seems well suited for a wide variety of performance situations.
    Close up: Definitely.
    Stage: No.
    Restaurant: Maybe. The effect takes 2-3 minutes to perform. You could speed thru, but you'll lose performance value if you do so.

    I know I didn't list corporate, caboret, etc. This is mainly because I've never performed in those scenarios so I can't give an honest answer of how it would appeal in those cases. Just being honest.

    Overall G has created a fabulous effect with Imagine. It hits so hard, and it's easy. What else could you ask for?

    I give this 8.5/10.

  2. i would like to ad that it's a bad idea for them to keep the card, but they can examine it for a bit. go on the magic cafe and there is a whole discussion about it :)
  3. I've read it. And that is a really easy fix. I don't know why people think it's a big deal. You can easily let them keep the card if you change something by a tiny bit.

    Also, if you do read the cafe discussion, you will see that nearly the entire people posting love it. Imagine is very very good.
    If you don't take my word for it, go watch the Wizard Product Review. They raved about it.
  4. yeah imagine is great, i've used it and got great reactions :) no doubt! i just wanted to ad that :D
  5. I believe you can perform this also with a single sided blank card (instead of double), with a normal backing... ???
  6. yes you can, but double sided is much better imo
  7. I don't know...I don't think it matters too much if you choose to go with/without backing. It's preference really. I cannot express how much I like this effect. I don't have any blank cards so I can't perform this at the moment. :(
  8. I actually thought with one sided would be better. because it doesn't matter if it flashes the back if you know what I mean.
  9. True. Look out for my next review in the upcoming weeks. I'll be reviewing V2F 2.0 by G. (I'm on a mission to review every SMP product there is).

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