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  1. I have some questions about control.

    Can you do it for a trained professional?

    Can you stop more than one place at once?

    Can you do it in various places on you body?

    Can you do it with a stethoscope on your chest?


  2. EDIT: Scratch that if you read what it said before, some very unhelpful posts.

    These questions have been asked before buddy, in future use the search feature a little more thoroughly (it's helped me loads believe it or not :)).

    I'll try and answer your questions simply.

    1) Theoretically yes, but 99% of the time it won't work, they do go over this though.

    2) No.

    3) No.

    4) Not without revealing that you're not really genuinely stopping your pulse (that's just dangerous...)

    Please do think about what you're buying before you do though. You're stopping your pulse, this is a very dramatic thing to do and you have to be a very good performer to be convincing with this. This is not just another trick to buy because it's cool or whatever, this is a pulse-stop designed to be impromptu and dramatic.

    :) Hope that helped

    - Sean
  3. I have used a Stethascope(my mum is an ambo) with STOP! before. It was hard and I was doing it to my self.

  4. Joshua,
    Just like what Sean said, control is a dramatic performance and is TOTALLY impromptu. You will really need to be good at a certain something to make that thing look so friggin good.
    (Note: trying my best not to reveal it)

    But you'll get what I mean when you buy it.
  5. Performing to the Absolute Best, Being Dramatic and Audience Management. :)

    - Sean

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