Impossible Bottle Deck

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  1. Good Morning All ,
    Dont mean to beat a dead horse as I checked most of the threads searching for my answer nor do I want to step on anyones toes as I am not trying to build one to sell but more for my own accomplishment . I saw one of these on youtube as I was doing my usual tutorials on things I want to learn.. I'm a big do it your self kinda guy .. I was wondering if anyone would like to share on here on PM me .. how to do the last step and put the cellophane back on the cards ? I want to say just slip it on and someshow glue or tape it but I dont want to mess it up and have to either start over or leave it incomplete . Thank you all in advance ..
    *yes I know they sell them here (they are all sold out fyi)
  2. I think that's a trade secret of Jamie D. Grant. Not positive but I'm like maybe 70% sure.
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  3. Hoping on that 30% lol
  4. Other people have figured it out, but he is the one who's most known for it as far as I know.

    The basic method for doing this is in ... Art of Astonishment? I think. Jamie took that basic idea and developed it to the current status. I have one of his impossible bottles on my desk (Red Artifice) right now. Beautiful work.

    I won't say you shouldn't do the same thing - and I don't think Jamie would either. He has previously acknowledged he has no claim on the impossible bottle idea. But I'm not gonna give you any hints on how to do it. Figure it out yourself; you'll feel better about it if you do.
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  5. That's cool bud I appreciate your comment and I agree with you..
    I'm pass the deck.. I'm trying to figure out the padlock in the bottle now lol
  6. I had an aha moment when I figured out the cellophane. Then i was like "can't believe i didnt think of that."

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