Impossible Penetration

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by magic27, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. So is Impossible Penetration the same as Linking Cigarette by Akira Fujii.
  2. No. akira took the idea and ripped it to shreds.
    well not really, but he added some subtleties to it to really bring it to the next level, and with akira you can use cigarettes, and most any thing that size/ shape
  3. which one in your opinion is better
  4. The way I look at it, IP is 0, and Linking Cig is +1.

    Dont own either, but familiar with the concept.

  5. the first time i saw the demo its remind me of the Linking Cigarette by Akira Fuji..
    maybe they just launch it in the same time....:D
  6. Impossible penetration is a great little impromptu effect you can get in almost any magic book.

    Linking cigs takes to idea and makes it really really magical.
  7. Sorry Theory11, Linking Cigs does look better

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