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  1. Hi everyone! I was looking into buying Utopia by Dani Daortiz, but started thinking that with all that money, I could get more and better material in a good book for cheaper.

    My question is what books do you recommend that have simple, impromptu, magic that kills. The skill level can be anything from beginning to advanced, I just want good usable stuff to learn.
  2. if it doesn't have to be a book i've heard good things about 24seven by John Carey. It was reviewed on the latest wizard product review as well.
  3. I posted this in another thread where a guy was asking a similar question, particularly where to find tricks that you can do with a borrowed, shuffled deck.

    Look up Harry Lorayne's material for a bunch of impromptu card magic that laymen love. His Classic Collection volumes (there are three of them) are filled with it. They are a fairly large amount of money to drop on a book, but I think it's totally worth it. Also, I've heard very good things about his four dvd set.

    Check out Cameron Francis's Moment's Notice e-book series (there are six of them) as well.
  4. A few great books I have enjoyed reading and performing the material are By Forces Unseen (Ernest Earick), One Degree(John Gustaferro), and M.I.N.T(Ed Marlo). Any questions? Please let me know.

    - Donald

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