Impromptu Coin Through Bottle

Jul 28, 2008
Impromptu Coin Thru Bottle

My favorite is Bullet. It gets the greatest reactions from the crowd i perform for.
Sep 28, 2007
Abyss is not impromptu, dude.

Abyss is gimmicked and not for everday magic.

Bullet is killer for an empty bottle CIB.

Factory Sealed is killer for liquid filled/unopened bottle penetrations.
Both Factory Sealed and Bullet do not require at home pre planning.
You can be ready in seconds.
Nov 20, 2007
Sydney, Australia
Infusion is a coin in glass rather than coin in bottle and in my opinion is less impressive. Whilst it is true that Factory Sealed requires only seconds to set up, it is not impromptu - you cannot set up in front of audiences, you'd have to turn your back at the very least or go to the bathroom or disappear around the corner to do it - unless the building across the road was on fire AND your spectator forgot their glasses.
Sep 28, 2007
You can make Factory Sealed Impromptu.

Others have posted where they have literally done the secret right in front of specs at a crowded ball game. No one is watching you, they are watching the game. To the specs it is pure magic because you just bought the bottle.

It even says on the product page under FAQs where you can do it right out of a vending machine. You have to structure your routine around it.
By the time you turn around after getting it out of the vending maching you can be ready to go, it's that easy and that practical. No one is expecting anything at that point. You are just getting a drink.

I agree with that Infusion isn't as powerful.
Even though you can pick up and go with it, the fact that the container is open and done too fast isn't as impressive as a slow penetration in an unopened bottle with a borrowed coin. The fact that no gimmicks are used is great though because you don't need to carry anything around with you. Nothing to rely on.
Sep 29, 2007
Forum Floors
My favorite is Bullet. It gets the greatest reactions from the crowd i perform for.

I like Bullet too.
CIBS like Abyss are not as practical for on the spot magic.

Bullet is gimmickless and Impromptu.
A truly anytime/anywhere effect.

Once you learn it you will have the knowledge to do it just about anywhere.
Definitely learn Bullet if you haven't already. Soild.
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