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  1. not sure about the music. the trick needs work. the presentation needs work too. it might have some potential. not sure how this would work for a real audience either
  2. There's something very similar but a little better structured on a relatively underground DVD. And for that reason I'm reluctant to give away it's where abouts.

    But well done for thinking it up yourself!
  3. The idea is great but needs more work on the performance
  4. I just went out and performed it to at least 20 people, the reactions are AMAZING. I wish I had brought my video camera, because these are probably the best reactions I've ever gotten. Some of which are:

    "WHAT THE? BUT... there... you fingers weren't touching it at all, and, your...."

    (person examines card)

    Literally, I got those responses.

    I worked on my patter a bit, made it seem much more astounding than it actually is. Just a question, is this a new creation, or is it already invented and I just re-invented it. Because if it's new, I know a magic shop nearby (Houdini's) that will buy original tricks from people.

    I know the effect is not new, but the way I accomplish it.
  5. Well, good job coming up with your own version, this has (as far as I can tell) one definite advantage over mine. It seems like it works very well when someone is sitting down and the deck is at eye level, mine is less likely to work at eye level but works best in a walk-around situation.

    Permit me to go on a short rant. I am s trong believer in sleight of hand, I think that most trick decks can be replaced by sleight of hand and solid misdirection. For example we have this, we each have created performable versions of the haunted deck. Micheal Vincent just released a great verion of the brainwave deck that uses no gimmicks, Alvo Stockman just released an impromptu version of the invisible deck, and so many other things can be done without the need for inconvenient (and expensive) extra decks. alright thats it.
  6. Extremely well put. This goes into my signature, it's so great. I 100% agree with you. With cards, there's no reason to have a trick deck. I'm actually trying to come up with a non-gimmicked version of the PANIC card trick by Aaron Fisher (and I won't listen to anyone who tells me it's not possible, so don't even try, I've been working on this for MONTHS).
  7. About the gimmicked decks. Yes almost all the effects you can do with them can be done with sleight of hand and other magical. However, sometimes it is so much better to use these decks. If I am performing close up then trick decks are almost certainly out of the question as I very rarely handle the cards at all in my presentations. However on stage I would much rather use the gimmicked deck due to the ease of method and that I can put much more presentation into the effect.

    With that being said it is always nice to have a pure skill method as to be able to achieve almost the same effect when someone wants to see it after your show.
  8. I disagree. Say you're on stage performing Haunted. The immediate suspicion, as I got from reactions today, is string. Spectators may be able to see the string, or question you about it and ask to handle the card (depends on audience size). Much cleaner to do it impromptu.
  9. Firstly to perform a haunted deck on stage especially any one of the impromptu handling's I have seen would be a huge mistake. I would use the one that Justin Miller does in the Cloak preview, the one that is in the wine glass.

    Any performer that is going to use thread in any aspect would have to know the lighting aspects. Referring to something being 'cleaner' just in your eyes however in the spectators the effect is actually dirtier. If not in the conscience view but in the sub-conscience, you are holding the deck in your version. If you were to use a loop you can place the deck on the floor / table, or if you have the cloak hooked up you can place it into a wine glass further isolating the cards from yourself.

    A stronger performer would be able to either hold off inspection of their props or clean up in the natural misdirection of the desired effect.
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    Have you ever performed on stage?

    You want to be as hands off as possible, of course people think there are wires etc., but then again i have much better stuff to perform than a ghost deck.
    (i wouldnt even mention the trick for stage...)

    You dont have to think about ending clean on stage, after you sent your spectators to seat, you can throw the stuff away for all i care, you can flash a gimmick and no one cares, but ending clean is a plus and will make your own life easier.
    (this depends on the distance and the number of people, but usually you can get away veryvery dirty, if you know how... although its not good,but i only have a few stage pieces that end absolutely clean)


    On the video, you should practice a lot before you do a video.
    The method in my eyes is kinda funky and very unnatural. The pack moves with some mayor speed and then stops and moves again.

    The point of the trick is to get people to believe that a ghost is pushing it, and thats what i would go for with my patter. Now the ghost pushing it means that it cant be smooth, because as we all know from films ghosts move stuff very poorly, a little bit at a time and are very sloppy when doing it.

    So do it a bit slower do get it to sink in, you will see the improvements.

    Now for the patter part, its actually who you are that does the final choice, maybe be a bit of a funny/stupid guy and play it out like you have a ghost friend and he peaks at the card and the deck starts to move.

    This however may spark a plausible explanation in some minds if you do it with full seriousness, so be careful if using this and if you do try to get the fact that the friend is not really there.

    But try to think of the point you have to get across and it will come to you.

  11. I disagree with the notion that all gimmicked decks should be replaced by sleight of hand. I mean we're getting back to the mindset of fooling magicians; sure, an impromptu instead of a thread based haunted deck as people have said is an advantage, but why even go through the trouble of creating a non gimmicked Panic? What's the point? Do the spectators even see a difference? Even if you may be able to show the cards more fairly, who's to say they weren't shown fairly to begin with?
  12. I said it on your comments and I will say it again here. Please don't try to sell this trick, it is a waste of your time. You have a good idea but just perform it and enjoy it, don't try to make a profit.

  13. the h deck is it a gost doing the move for you....

    i love it i did one in one time at 12 pm / going home to bed. to some one who was working and he just love it not bad for the cost = 0000.1 and i got it for free on a dvd . when me and my dad was meeting up one time.
  14. Aside from all the crap people are saying, I really liked it. I also like what calledcrazy said. Very true.

    Great job. (Subscribed)
  15. a little obvious, but nice:D
  16. can we stop turning every thread into a "Gimmicks vs Non-Gimmicks" argument? seriously, there have been 12930412051.1239487123 discussions on this, and none of them have changed anyones points of view.

    I like this version though, with a bit of refinement, it could be extremely strong.
  17. Word to big bird.

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