Impromptu telekenesis/pk fx?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Michael Moore, Mar 20, 2014.

  1. So lately Ive been on this hook of learning all the impromptu magic that I can that either uses no props, or strictly borrowed, unprepared props, so that no matter where I am, or what I have or dont have, I'll always be prepared to do magic no matter what, especially magic that can be played big enough to be done on stage- mentalism, hypnotism, body tricks, etc.

    So one type that Id especially like to learn more about are impromptu PF FX, FX where you move objects with your mind, as I do like visual stuff more than mental stuff, & in my opinion I cant think of anything more stronger or more amazing then being able to take any ordinary object & move it with your mind, even better with no prep or gimmicks.

    Things like the PK pencil on Banachek's PSI DVDs, or the effect where you make a match or toothpick jump with another like on Dan Harlans Impromptu videos.

    So what other FX are out there where you apparently move something with your mind that is 100% impromptu, uses no prep or gimmicks or thread, & can use borrowed props?
  2. Michael I highly recommend you look into getting Loops and the Inner Circle. It's the closest thing to real PK as you're ever going to find and it comes with a range of different applications.
  3. Thanks William! I know about loops, & that is on my "wish list" of tricks/gimmicks Id like to get, along with the PK pen, the "Shift Clip" from Ellusionist, etc. Ill also check out the Inner Circle. Thanks again!
  4. I'm all for "Improvisational" Magic vs. "Impromptu" . . . but in either case YOU are the one that must be prepared, you must have a routine planned out based on a given scenario regardless what effects you want to demonstrate.

    Why do you want to do a PK effect?

    Are you proving the presence of spirits or promoting your own mental prowess?

    How much information (formulas) can you hold in your mind? Take a look at the works of Jerome Finley and Peter Turner and you'll find a plethora of potential for the "in the moment miraculous". . .. that is, if you are pushing things more along the mentalism line of things.

    Stevens Magic offers videos on Improvisational & Bar Magic that might help you with some ideas but my last word of advice is to remember the boy scout motto -- be prepared!

    It's a royal pain to be ready for everything but keeping a TT in the pocket and a PK Ring on a finger, some loops on your wrists. . . well, that will take you a very long way in the "improv" department. If mentalism is your thing then learn billets and CMR (as well as solid Reading methods).

    Though it's been along time for me, I could probably still fake my way through a one hour improvisational show based solely on CMR and Billets, maybe a pendulum. . . I use to have two such programs rehearsed and ready to go based on the two environments I found myself in the most; coffee houses and the mall. It's something to weigh.
  5. Metal bending is usually good for impromptu mentalism. Look at Psychokinetic Silverware by Banachek and Gerry, Metal by Dee Christopher, and Liquid Metal by Morgan Strebler

  6. Like I said, I was just seeing if there were any other PK effects out there that are 100% impromptu that I missed, that DOESNT use any preperation, gimmicks, threads, loops, TTs, etc, but could be done anytime, anywhere. Now I dont want to build an entire show around PK, this is just one of several different types of magic Id like to present.

    Metal bending is also something Im studying, & kind of falls under the "moving it with your mind" category, yet it doesnt, as most times you are still holding the object that you are "bending". Im looking for simpler, yet more amazing stuff where you dont even touch the object & it just moves, such as Banachek's PK pencil, which I thought would be perfect for restaurants by doing it with a straw, or moving pages with you mind, using the same method-

  7. Spin by Matt Sconce is ok, if executed well, it looks very stunning.

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