Improvements in Card Boxes

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Do you think improvements should be done to the card box?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. This is something I've been thinking about for quite some time now. After so many advances in card quality (stock, finish, etc.) why have 0 improvements been done to the box? I'm so tired of sticking a good deck of cards that I've had for a week into a tattered, peeling, and falling apart card box. I use a porper and keep my box in good of shape as I can, but the corners keep fraying and the the tab isn't long enough.
    I think maybe T11 should make the box out of a new material or something with their next deck of cards - or at least change the design and form of the box - to make the box last as long as the cards.
    How many of you agree?
  2. "Think out of the box."


    you prove a good point my friend. im a personal fan of bicycles... can we like start a petition for better and more durable boxes? hahaha!

    anyways. i agree =]
  3. i know i hate it when my box gets murrdered in my pocket while im doing a trick with them.
  4. I agree I think the card box should be completly redone
  5. Yeahhh... Honestly, it's made out of cardboard, I dunno. What do you suggest? If your box is ruined after a week, you just need to take care of it better... I've had Studs for a month and the corners are only slightly frayed and only on the front...
  6. how about some plasticky kinda case that is flexible.
  7. No plastic.

    Most plastics are impermeable, so your sweat will get trapped in the box, therefore destroying your cards even quicker.
  8. Perhaps make it out of the same material as the cards. Now that's thinking outside the box.

    Or maybe make a aluminum "permanent box" for all types of cards. Like a full-porper that you put any cards into.
    Maybe use thicker cardboard....
    I don't know, just brainstormin'....
  9. Hmm yeah, that's cool, I just wanted some of your thoughts.

    As far as aluminium goes, either the prices would go up to package each deck in a box, or you'd have the problem of extra packaging of the cards if they weren't packaged in a box like they are now - either way, cards would certainly get considerably more expensive, and people already complain at $8 per deck.

    My understanding of thicker cardboard is simply that it'll add more layers as a method to reinforce it - this could be possible, for short term protection - once the reinforced strength gives way though, it just adds more layers to fray - and I'm wondering how much extra strength could be added.

    Of course this is all discussion and much of my post is assertion, if anyone knows better, feel free to correct me. I'm not at all against stronger card boxes, I definitely see where you're coming from - I just don't see how at the moment.

    Oh, I just re-read your first sentence. Cards are made of cardboard, you realise ^.^
  10. You guys complain too much. Oh my god... I can't believe you guys are actually b*****ing about the card BOX....

  11. What I meant by aluminum is make a generic box, like a "big" or "complete" version of a porper. A thing you buy separate. It would probably cost like $60-70 though.
    And what I meant by making it out of the card material: Like actually the same material as the cards, finish and all. That might be more durable and last exactly as long as the cards... - wouldn't that be cool. It would add a new dimension to it.

    All I'm saying is I wish they would give us some options with card boxes. Your guess is as good as mine.
  12. Oh my God... That Eddie guy, he's been in such an angry mood lately, what's his problem?

    That's *****ing. What's wrong with thinking of ways to improve things? Some people are fussier than others. I myself am very pedantic about things. I hate seeing the first fray on a card box, that's just me. So? If you don't care, fine, but don't come to this thread. So little things matter to Zeedub. So the slightest presentation detail matters. So what?
  13. Well, I just would like to see some improvements to the box, not just the cards. :cool:
  14. A porper with two extra sides and a tab? ^.^ Hmm. I see where you're coming from. It'd have to have a hinge and some sort of latching mechanism to close the top, a card box like tab would be too awkward. Interesting though, I wonder if anyone's tried.

    In terms of the card card box - that'd be awesome to have! Haha that'd be cool. Again, prices, but hey. I like that though.
  15. Yeah I know dude. I'm hoping Bayme will read this and get ideas. Cause he's got all the sweet hook-ups with the USPCC.
  16. I like the USPCC boxes and have no problem with them.
    It's the other companies that suck, you know the kind with flaps on each side, and you can't even put the cards back in.
    Although I'd like to see more boxes like casino cards, with the window.
  17. i have a great idea for this. =]

    will post a photo later. =p
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    A Proper typ ething might work, but imagine the cost of making thousands and thousands of deck weekly and having to generate a brand new concept design out of a brand new material?

    Porpers are rare and cost alot for a reason...;)

    But on another note, it's just a box. Take good care of it, don't stuff into your pockets while youdo tricks and such - it will end up lasting longer. And if youre willing to buy Porper priced aluminium boxes, why not just buy a Porper? Or some of those card sleeve type things for the box?


    You can have them in a myriad of tranparent colours, void colours, sweet art they're cheap!:rolleyes:
  19. i think i'll actually copyright this. =D

    what are your thoughts on leather-based porpers?

  20. Don't make me call PeTa on you!:p

    Nah, I think the non aluminium ones (don't actually know what they're made of) give it a more elegant, classy look.

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