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    hey post everything u think that t11 have to do to improve.. or the things that u want to them to add to the site..

    1. creating new sections on the forums for the products (eg. panic! forum) so that everyone can help each other with one of the moves or something like that.. (Product Forum)
    2. An Off-Topic Forum
    3. A few mods could help as Jack the Magician isn't around 24/7
    4. Paypal Payment Option
    5. difficulty scales for tricks. (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)
    6. More shipping options. They shouldn't just stick to UPS and USPS.. Like Fedex
    7. A wish list
    8. Help Section
    9. Video Production Section
    10. More Cardistry sections
    11. Suggestion Section
    12. Playing Card Sections
    13. T11 Products Section.. Separate from another products..
    14. Distortion Gimmick for Guardians :p
    15. That we can delete our own posts (e.g when we double post by accident.. like DnD forums)
    16. Trick/effect brainstorm/development area.
    17. To find a way that kids dont post their performances on youtube, its kind of exposure guys they DONT master the tricks..
    18. Tell us why didnt you accept our videos.. I mean give us hints to improve or something like that For more details of each suggest scroll down.
    19. Download Videos at Media Section
    20. An introduction-like forum where new members and old members can (if they want too) post a little information so it makes it easier to transition into the forum family.
    21. ranks for posts
    22. Live chat section
    23. Include an option so you can hide your post number.
    24. Release The.Wire pleaseeeee
    25. Avatars for the members ;)
    26. Mebeam site
    27. Accessories. I want this place to be, in the words of JB..."the go-to place" for out magic needs. How about some Joe Porper clips? I can't believe that amount of people I've run into who ask me why their clip isn't doing it's job and only to find out that they bought a knock off.
    28. A suggestion box for future 1-on-1's. I imagine that you could make that into another section of the forum. - How about bi-annual (twice a year) live feeds from different Theory11 artists and crew members. This would kind of be like a 1-on-1 except it wouldn't neccessarily be for sleights and whatnot only. We would love to hear from some of the big guys about their views on topics like Showmanship, and know, the stuff that can't be taught in DVD's or pamp
    29. More history on the effects here. I'm always wanting to find out what inspired that original concept of effects like Distortion and whatnot.
    30. Membership for discounts and pre-orders would be amazing as well, but if you did this...I'm sure you would spend a long time amongst yourselves figuring out a fair rate for such a thing.
    31. Theory11 Tally-Ho decks? I'm not saying to come out with a knock off Viper deck, but something along the lines of that with a dash of Theory11 style would be pretty interesting.

    I'll underline and bold the suggests that t11 have already done..

    I'll copy and paste all ur posts so all the suggests will be on the first post (This one) :p excuse me for my grammar :(

    I hope T11 crew read this :p I'm sure they will
  2. I think that we need an Off-Topic forum VERY badly.
    We should also have a Product forum, like you suggested, so that the owners of the various Theory 11 products can discuss the products without having to worry about exposure (Like the Penguin Only forums on Penguin magic)
  3. I agree heavily with this. Also, lately the problems have toned down but a few mods could help as Jack the Magician isn't around 24/7 and the staff seem to be busy as they haven't been around either, but it's not that badly needed.

    I think the priority should be the product topics (and maybe a paypal payment option ;))
  4. I think that there should be difficulty scales for tricks.
    (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)
  5. but do u mean in 1-1 section?
  6. I want more shipping options. They shouldn't just stick to UPS and USPS; I suggest Fedex. I made an order 1 week ago and I still don't have it. I used Express Mail International.:mad:
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    I would love it if Theory11 implemented a Wish List system. I'm not trying to compare to what Ellusionist has. I just think that it would be so much easier to keep track of the things you want if they had it.

    I agree with the off-topic section in the forum.

    If I think of anything else, I'll be sure to drop back in.

    Shane K.


    I just have to add this in. Everyone from Theory11, is there ANY way at all that you guys could get Daniel Madison to let you guys sell his DVD "Leathal" here? I would easily pay $50.00 for it. I'm definatly diggin' his flourishing style, and would love to learn some of those moves he showed off in the Guardian trailer.


    Shane K.
  8. I think in the long run, this should try to become it's own little world. I'm talking about everything. Part youtube, part myspace/facebook, part ebay. Heck i'd even go for paid membership. $5-$10 a month. That way if a brand new trick comes out, members can either get it for discount or for free depending on when the last trick came out. Being able to pre-order so we won't have to worry about waiting for a deadline to open up. I got more but I wanna get to eating my dumplings right now.....
  9. Remember that T11 is only around 2 months old. Don't expect things to change fast.
  10. To improve Theory11, I think Theory11 should close down.

    That way, Theory11 can go one step closer to improving the magic community.

    - harapan. magic!
  11. Well that wasn't very positive, was it? :confused:

    Shane K.
  12. It wasn't meant to be positive.

    It was meant to help.

    And be honest.

    Brutally honest.

    - harapan. magic!
  13. If it was really meant to help, much like the other 2 posts you've done in the last 15 minutes of your negativity rant...could you at least be more specific with the things you have problems with?

    Phrases like..."I think T11 should close down." or "T11 has hurt cardistry...blah blah blah" doesn't really give us much insight as to what you are trying to say.

    Shane K.
  14. Calm Down Shane,

    He doesn't want anyone to know who he is or where he's from. He doesn't use his real name or make anything constructive.

    Whats wrong with this picture?

    Not worth it, buddy. But we appreciate it.

  15. Understood. Fair enough.

    Sorry about that. I guess I tend to idolize Mr. Angel a bit too much, eh? :D

    Shane K.
  16. I am just not seeing how Theory11 is helping the community in anyway, besides producing more products and providing another forum.

    Basically, I am becoming disappointed with Theory11.

    - harapan. magic!
  17. this site is still only months old give it time to evolve a little. theres still the wire to be put out and probably some great tricks after the TnR is released.
  18. I haven't used it, but the 1 on 1 is a pretty good idea so far. Being able to purchase just one effect off of a DVD full of them is a great idea. How many times have you seen the same effect on a DVD that you already own on 3 other DVDs? I know I have.
  19. I don't get it. How would it help T11? Do you think that selling magic over the internet like this is not effective or is bad for Magic in general??
  20. Why are you even here?

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