Imx 2011

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MagicofAdam, May 15, 2011.

  1. I know I will be there! All the way from Texas!!! Is anyone of you guys/girls coming?
  2. Me, and my friend Cody will be there...both of us also from Texas!
  3. Looking forward to seeing everyone from T11 at the show, defiantly need to do some as a group thing.
  4. Woooooooooooow!
  5. Will be there! Can't wait!!!!

  6. If you're at IMX, make sure to hook up with Rudy Coby, Banachek, Brian Brushwood, Cameron Ramsay, David Kaye, Danny Garcia, CJ Johnson, Michael Ammar and many others at the Meet-up at 5:30 on the 23rd. We're giving away a ton of free stuff too! Even

    if you aren't going, you can still win by sharing the following post and sending me an email with the link. ( I'm also giving away one free attendance pass for the upcoming Essential Magic Conference at the end of the week! Enter now by sharing the following post and emailing a link to me! is giving away free stuff at IMX & daily prizes here for those that can't go! RT this to win!
  7. Hi guys, we will be there. Come by and say hi and see something new that we have been working on with Vogt and Hauss!
  8. I'll be there and look forward to meeting everyone from the board and else where. I have my 350 horsepower Jazzy all fired up and ready to go credit card is paid down well enough so I do not have to worry about melting it while in the dealers room. Can you believe it my wife had the nerve to say don't you have all the magic you need for the show you run now. Can any one I mean a true bitten by the magic bug at the tender age of 7 say they have enough magic tricks, book, VHS's, DVD's, manuscripts and the list goes on. Surely she has to know this is the only reason we got a new bigger home was to hold more of my magic certainly had nothing to do with our growing family. Silly wife.
  9. It's getting closer. Can't wait!
  10. Hah! Made my day, thank you.

    Have fun all of you guys that are going! I'd love to hear all about it afterwards.
  11. Just checked into the con. Already shaping up to something wonderful. Staff even went the extra mile to acomedate me a better seat for the big show due to my handicap (no being married is not the handicap). So if anyone wants to hook up that's here and of course has the means to still check the forums shoot me a pm and I'll give you my room number and cell.

    God Bless
  12. Day two IMX everything is awesome photos to come soon!

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