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  1. Hey just want to throw out a little invite to anyone that will be attending the IMX convention here in Las Vegas near the end of May. I will be staying at the hotel even though I am a local lets face it beats driving back and fourth everyday. So if anyone want to hook up later for a little party in the room and mini convention you are all welcome. Soon as I know what room I'm going to be in I'll let every one know so shout out who is going to this? I was lucky my lovely wife got me the vip package I am in for all the main good stuff reason Nine Million I love her :D
  2. I will be there, It looks like it's gonna be a fun convention.
  3. I'll be there too. Definitely can't wait!
  4. awesome we need to hook up at least to say "hey other Theory 11 forum junkies" then wonder off in a daze at all the other cool stuff to see an learn.
  5. I'm also local, and am definitely going!
  6. Cool Beans fellow Local. As the event gets closer I'll pm each of you how to reach me for some Theory 11 get together fun.
  7. Do you know if it's possible to buy 1-day passes? Their website is so convoluted. I don't feel like dropping $200 for a 3-day pass. 1-2 is enough for me.
  8. You can usually buy day passes during the convention at the registration desk, But since this is the first year of IMX emailing them to ask would probably be the best answer.

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