In-Depth Review - The Rising Card Application by Chris Kenner

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by Creeper, Aug 15, 2009.

  1. Hey guys,
    Thought I'd write my own review for this, since the other one doesn't give that much info. mmmk.

    What they say- Friggin Apple won't let me copy and paste, so just read JBs post

    What I say- This thing is awesome. This is the first app I've ever bought(Yet not the first payed for app I have...if you catch my drift...installous ftw!) I immediatly noticed that this is by far the do I say it....jam packed App I have, and I have about 35 apps. It didn't even seem like an app. It seemed like a dvd. It opens and there is a menu, where you can read the instructions, or watch Chris explain the app. The written instructions are fine, but of course if I had a choice I'd watch Chris explain it himself.

    The Instructions are crystal clear, you shouldn't have any questions. The app itself is also extremly easy to use. One thing I like about it is its not entriely self working. You have to do a little somethin somethin to make it happen. I like doing stuff right under my spectators nose without them noticing. If this wasn't self working, I feel it would be a little too...I don't know how to say it...unfair.

    The method is pretty genius. I hope they release more apps using this same method, because its just great. I think it would be even more crazy to combine the method of this trick with David Blaines app. They name a card, you show the Ipod, the card on the face changes into the card they merely named.

    I have performed this 4 times already, and I must admit...I did get caught once. And it wasn't exactley all my fault. My friend is a bit of an iPod nut, so right off the bat he noiticed something that shouldn't/can't be on an Ipod Touch. (This may be revealing, but you gotta buy the app to do the trick, so I can't see how it can hurt anybody.) All my other friends were fooled, badly I might add. I probably could of fooled my other friend if I had used more misdirection, but I feel that would of taken a little away from the trick. I would say if you have an iPod touch, pick your spectators wisely. If you see Steve Jobs walking down the street, do another trick.(or gawk in amazement)

    The thing is if they notice the fishy thing it doesn't reveal the method or anything, it just adds something fishy which you can't really explain. This is only a problem for the iPod touch, so who knows, maybe they will make an update for the iPod Touch owners.

    for 3 bucks, this is great. It really is like a 1on1 video, just on the iPod.

    I would rate it 9 out of 10. I don't think that the slight problem is that big of a deal, but it lost the point because it is a problem, and it is possible to get caught.

    Thanks for reading,
  2. good review man. sounds very good to me. lemme just get a touch lol. my gf just got one. so maybe she'll let me use it lol
    but thanks for that.
    i have no clue what the method is. but sounds awesome
  3. At first I was confused by the effect description. I figured that there's got to be SOMETHING more than that but there really isn't. From the spectators POV they name a card, you start the app, let them shake it, and their thought of card rises up.

    I love it.
  4. I just discovered a bit of a problem. The spectator can't pick the Ace of Spades. Thats the card thats already on the face of the deck. You'll have an AoS rising out of a deck with an AoS on the face.
  5. That tid bit can be taken care of with the old line "dont pick the ace of spades thats too obvious,pick something I cant just guess"
    Or your own variation on those words.
  6. Richard provided a killer out. Check out the thread in the General Discussion forum.
  7. You might as well quote it here. In the future when people look at this review they will have no idea what you are talking about.

    By the way. Nice job with this review.
  8. Try this -- have them pick a SECOND card and say you'll get both. The first one (ace of spades) is shown when you open the app. The second appears when they shake the phone.
    richard zadorozny
    t11 // cardistry / iphone / developer
  9. That something fishy that you refer to is also fishy for iphones running the 3.0 software. Less obvious but still a problem. I work at apple where they will definitely notice the something fishy especially on an iphone.

    Still ingenious. I appreciate the little things the app does.

  10. What about an iPod Touch 1G running with 3.0?
  11. Creeper, I have a silicone cover on my iPod touch covering everything but the screen (which has a thin cover too). Will this be a problem with the 'extra' thing that isn't supposed to be there?

  12. No, it won't. The extra thing is a software problem, not a hardware problem.
  13. Ah okay good. I was afraid I'd have to duck tape an antenna on it:D


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