In my many years of magic (6) haha

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  1. I haven't came across a force that worked 100% of the time with no time misdirection or breaks. I came up with a great force called the turn over force and I haven't showed anyone except my friend, Ryan Fox. Anyways if you want to see a video or something pm me and ill post up the video


  2. what was the point of making this thread if you weren't gonna post it? I'd like to see it, would you post it here please?
  3. what about the touch force where the spectator touches a card and you show it to them and you know it (dirty work dont underneath spread)

    works 100 % for me

    no breaks, no misdirection, they could be burning my hands and it would still work
  4. You mean a cull force presumably.

    Anywho, a riffle force gets the job done easy.
  5. I guess you have not read '202 Methods of Forcing' by Annemann, there are all sorts of force's in here.
  6. I can think of a few...
  7. So Can i dude so can i.....

    and you do mentalism hahaha.:D
  8. Me too....
  9. I recommend 202 ways of forcing. You can get it at lybrary for $2. I can think of several forces. I'll start you off, Hindu force.
  10. Cross Cut Force. Cut Deeper Force. Any number of the 1529876 variations on the Cull Force. Equivoque force. etc.
  11. I just watched Paul Green walk around classic-forcing the same card over and over again to a room of magicians the other day.
  12. Or you could go to the awesome website known as the Learned Pig Project and read it there. In doing so you also gain access to some of the greatest books I have come across plus you get access to the jinx magazine archive which is a four thumbs up if you want to learn old tricks that probably have not been recycled back into the market.
  13. A stupid question but would it be illegal on the forums or "exposure" if I just said the title of a force that I use all the time. It meets his criteria, no breaks and no misdirection.
  14. Ok, I just answered my own question, sorry guys. I have used the Cut-Deeper Force for years. It never fails and it meets your criteria.
  15. I use the backslip force and the hofzinzer spread force. Both match the criteria, both work 100% of the time. I never use any other forces.
  16. I remember there was a force taught for free a while back on Jay Sankey's website that meets your criteria. It was on one of his dvds. I forget which.

    You could also have a card touched, put on top and then do a double lift.
  17. Hey everyone. So, I am about done making the video. Maybe its not the best force after all. You know when you make something up your just really excited to get it out there.

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