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    I've been told by many that I would NEVER find an effect(s) that I find perfect. They may be right but In My Mind came damn close. I saw this dvd on some website awhile back, was interested, and forgot about it. I got bored at school, got on ebay, typed in mentalism, and it brought up like 500 pages. In MY Mind happened to be on page 2. I bought it, and it arrived today.

    The Vision- Spec picks a card that is unknown to both their self and the mentalist. The card sealed in a envelope(no switches) and laid aside. The performer draws the Horus Eye(is shown to the audience) on his palm and asks the spectator to look into the eye. They claim to see something and name a card. The eye is shown as before with nothing there. The envelope is opened and the card matches the claim.

    Thoughts: The effect is very easy. Takes a little prep but is well worth it. Spice up the presentation and you have killer. Basically the spectator has a vision when the look in the eye. How much stronger can you get, unless you die(pulse stop) 4/5

    The Connection- Drawing Duplication. 'Nuff said.

    Thoughts: I hate impression pads. I hate them. I REALLY hate them. I was overjoyed this was not anything of the sort and there is no gimmick. I love this. Perfect for stage or drawing room or anywhere I guess. 5/5

    The Experience- Take an intimate journey into a spectators mind.

    Thoughts: Hit or miss. Very powerful if you hit. But Luca planned it out to where you will more likely hit than miss. Very well thought out. You can of course tweak this to fit the certain style of person you're performing for. 4/5

    The Hallucination (ACAAN)

    Thoughts: I have never seen how an ACAAN works except for d+M's. So I can't compare with anything else. It was indeed my favorite effect on the entire dvd. It takes a HUGE twist at the end. There's a reason the title is as it is. 6/5

    The Call- Superb long distance mind reading.

    Thoughts: Deal closer. Use this if you want to get hired somewhere. 4.5/5

    I was tempted not to even post this review because I wanted to keep this to myself. I finally found a dvd that I enjoyed every bit of. Buy it. Some of you may not like it, but one thing won't suit everyones fancies. $24.50
  2. I was looking for drawing duplication effect. I hate impression pads too. The Connection looks like it will be suited for me.
  3. I watched the explanation, and started laughing. When I started laughing, Luca says, Stop laughing, it really works. Twas startling. You'll like it.
  4. I wonder if I can use a notepad on The Connection instead of using a clipboard?
  5. Out of curiosity, why do you guys hate impression pads?
  6. Prae it's because Derren does not use them.

    On a happier note I am moving to Sydney tomorrow.
  7. You have to use a particular kind of clipboard.
  8. Haha.

    Wait, what?! Whereabouts??

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