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  1. I don't know about you, but reading 010Rusty's post made me nostalgic. Problem: I haven't been here long enough to be nostalgic about anything.
    So I'm curious. To all the old-timers, please, tell me a story! Who used to frequent the forums, what was their mark? Any "traditions" that have been lost since?

    I'd like to hear something about this forum's history, and I'd be glad to hear any story you can spare!
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  2. Oh man, the beginning...

    I don't have time to type it in full, but I remember seeing a post on Penguin Magic forums about the ten theories of magic, and how an eleventh was coming. When you followed the link, it went to a website with a cryptic video.
    As the weeks passed more videos were added. It wasn't long before people discovered a bunch of hidden messages within the videos. Count downs, more videos, secrets, and well known magicians promoting something cryptic.

    The beginning of cerca trova.

    So many forum pages as we all awaited for the countdown. Then as it came to an end, the an epic reveal of a new magic storefront that promised to contribute to our shared art form. Launching with 1 on 1 instant downloads and a couple of effects and the original Guardians playing cards, Theory 11 took its first steps. Since then it's been awesome to be part of a thoughtful magic community. It's also been a ton of fun. Anticipation of the Wire, the weekly update show, the Saturday night contests, and the many many secrets, have made it all so much fun.

    One thing I miss, is that they used to do certian product releases with a hunt of sorts. It's was so much fun to participate in and get hyped. But they stopped eventually. I think some were sour and cynical about them creating so much hype around product releases. But I personally loved it. I'm proud to be a small part of what T11 has become. Life has been kicking my butt the past few years, but I'm still around and lurking, deleting spam posts and plunking a thought here or there.
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  3. Well, ChristopherT (Now his username is like TheWitchDocisout or something) used to be the go-to mentalism resource here but he left a little while ago. That's all I can remember really. I haven't been here too too long so I can't really speak of the ancient past of the forums.
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  4. Yeah, I’ve been wondering why I’ve not heard of him recently. He was a really helpful person here in the forums.
  5. I messaged him on Instagram and he just said "I no longer post on T11" so Idk
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  6. It's great to hear these stories from you, Justin! When you have time, it would be great if you could share a few more stories of T11 and your experiences with it.
    Same goes for everyone: I'm in story-listening mood. Feel free to share any good/funny/touching story concerning these forums you can think of!

    Take care of yourselves everybody and have a great week!
  7. I agree, it's sad that he's gone. He was an invaluable "resource" to this forum, quite apart from his being a great person.
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