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  1. I have a question about Cody Nottingham's In2 effect on the Wire.

    Can you do this effect with more than just the corner of a card? Example: Piece of paper? Coin? Small piece of wrapped gum? Ect...

    Or just a piece of a card.

    Thanks for the help... Its much appreciated.
  2. Its really hard to explain this without revealing the method on here. I would say that it COULD be done with a piece of paper. With a very slight alteration of a stick of gum, it could be done (small piece of wrapped trident gum). As far as coins, I would really recommend looking into one of Danny Garcia's effects. It allows a coin to penetrate the cellophane of a pack of cigarettes. I forgot the name of the effect, but I'm sure somebody else on here can remember. Its on one of his 1-3 projects. If you take a look at the IN2 page in the "special thanks" section, I actually put Danny in there because this was one of the two inspirations for this effect.

    I hope this helps.

    Cody Nottingham
  3. It cannot be done with something much heavier or thicker than a playing card.
  4. The trick Cody's referring to his "Bad Habit" from Vol. 2 of the DGP. :)
  5. That would be the one....."Bad Habit." Thanks for that wZEnigma. I couldn't remember it for anything.
  6. No problem. I love Daniel Garcia man. xD

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