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    Inception by Alan Rorrison

    Available at:
    Price: £10 (Roughly $16)

    I brought Inception the other day as it sounded like the perfect thing to put into a show I am developing. The moment I opened the PDF I knew I had found a truly brilliant idea which I could and would use. Alan has hit upon an idea perfect for any sort of mentalism show and it certainly could be incorporated into many magic routines too.

    With an every day object you can get for very little money you can make an entire audience believe that you have power over the thoughts over another person or the ability to predict the future. This is a very powerful standalone effect or could be integrated very easily into other routines.

    The PDF itself is well laid out with clear instructions, however there are a few spelling errors which sometimes stop the flow of reading. (UPDATE: Alan has corrected all of the spelling errors now) All the pictures are of a good size and clear and Alan does not leave anything out of his explanation.
    If you are a fan of mental magic and suggestion, I think you will love this idea which could be applied to a lot of other things than the one that Alan mentions – even though his presentation of it is a brilliant one.

    Overall, I think that this is a very good trick for the mentalist and magician which I will certainly be using myself. Alan always has interesting, creating ideas and this is no different. If you do not already have it, get it. And if you do have it, use it (but I am guessing now you have seen the method you are planning to already). I would give the product a 10/10 – now that the spelling errors have been amended.

    In my opinion, for £10 it is worth a look. I am certainly glad I did.

    Ben Prime
  2. Got this within the hour of it's release, it's perfect. This gives your spectator quite the experience.
  3. i really wanna see a video of this :O
  4. Inception is a great trick - We used it a lot when shooting the 1914 stuff last month! The best thing is, similarly to Anate, it FEELS like real mind control, because it IS!!
  5. Is it 100%?
  6. This is clever, i mean really clever.
    Although it needs some items off ebay if you buy in bulk it will last you for 10 years.(time may vary due to presentation frequency).


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