Indian magician feared drowned

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  2. That's truly terrible. More so since I'm not only from India, but also from Bengal (the state where this happened).

    The sad part is that there are so many controversial and sad things happening right now, that this story of this magician isn't even seemingly important.

    It's as if deaths don't matter any more.

    The status of the person who died matters.

    Or the delicious story that can be created around his/her death.
  3. Wow, that is a sad. You would think that even though he had practiced that there would have been divers already down in the water ready to go should something begin to go wrong. I feel bad if he had family there watching :(
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  4. It's amazing how Houdini is still influencing people. In a day where it's getting harder to amaze people with magic, people don't tend to realize how dangerous his act was, and remains to this day. He would escape numerous times a day during his theater shows. He would do an underwater escape, sometimes while the police literally turned their back, then do his shows later that same day. The preparation was relentless, as was his schedule. His persona has become popular myth, but at the end of the day he was just a man doing what he loved. The same can be said for Mandrake, and hopefully he will pass into local myth. But with today's short term memory masses, that may be doubtful.
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