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  1. It's not all to often I post reviews, I'll throw some comments in here and there when people are so kind as to send me their work, but I like to save reviews for what I see as special kinds of products.

    This is one of those products.

    Eric's work here is really, really good - The quality of the video and the teaching contained within is great and the effect it's self is choreographed really well.

    If you haven't already seen the trailer - it's at - You'll find a banner on the front page!

    So, go look at the trailer and see how insanely visual the effect is. Done? Great.

    The method it's self is great - it's so simple that many of us have tried and dismissed it, a few people have put similar things out, but Eric's developments make it truly workable and look absolutely AWESOME.

    You are taught how to create a gimmick for shinier, new coins and dull, older coins as well as various tips on the construction it's self. It's very easy to do - you could knock up 50 of these in an hour or so while watching TV!

    Aside from the feature effect, eric teaches his coin matrix, which is ridiculous. visual much?

    The key to it though is that it's completely silent - It really looks like magic with out the clinking of coins here, there and everywhere!

    There is also a brief spot from Brandon Williams, who teaches his handling of the bend, which is the one done at eye level you see at the beginning of the trailer. This is also a beautifully choreographed sequence. Really, really nice.

    I think that's about all I can say about that, it's a great product and shows that papercrane are truly the kings (and queen) of value for money with fantastic production value and full of material!

    Pick it up, you won't regret it!

  2. This looks amazingly good. I be sure to pick it up soon.

  3. thanks for the review. It's nice that they put in the dvd how to make an old or shiny coin in the gimmick. It looks extremely visual in the video, and since it is from papercrane than it is probably excellent.
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    i have no intentons of revealin this iDONT have it but if you can only do it with silver coins and it cant be sighend isnt it just EDITED by moderator due to exposure? is there something else to it.
  5. As mentioned, this is a concept many of us have tried out in the past, but eric's development of the basic idea make it a very worthwhile purchase. If it was to be done using just **** then it wouldn't look anywhere near as good and it wouldn't be very durable at all.

    Trust me when I say that this is good, I don't give my endorsements to anything that I don't believe in and I stand behind this 100%.

  6. ayo D. i saw that the days before its actual release....i was chomping at the bit to get it....good advertisement....
  7. I don't own the DVD, but I was shared the method from some people close with Papercrane. When I learned what the gimmick was, I thought it sounded great. I'll order this one someday. Hats off to you Eric Ross. :)

  8. This looks beautiful. Definitely looking into this.
  9. Can this be done with different currencys such as with British coins? Thanks for the review
  10. I'm in the UK and I do it, so yes ;)

  11. When you said Brandon Williams I was hooked
  12. I didnt like this one bit...not pactical...At all! And his coin matrix is a joke, so pointless.
  13. please explain how this is not practical

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