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  1. I am somewhat new to the site and hope this question is appropriate. I saw a performance that someone posted where they asked the spectator to mentally picture a deck of cards--asked them to picture red or black, the suit and then the card itself (in the presentation it was the Jack of Spades). The magician then showed the spectator that he predicted he would pick the Jack of Spades. I can't find that video now and was wondering if anyone knew who created this effect and where I can go to learn it. thank you.
  2. There could be numerous effects.

    How did the magician reveal that the Jack was what he predicted? That is what usually makes these tricks different.

    St. Mikal
  3. Before the trick he selected the Jack of Spades and showed it to the camera. It is pretty clear how he got the spectator to select spades--but I have no idea on the "jack" part. I hope someone else saw the video and has suggestions on where I can find this effect. thanks
  4. I believe its a trick (force) from Derren Brown's " the devils picture book" called the invisible deal force .
  5. thanks everyone

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