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  1. Ok so I recently purchased a couple of Jordan Johnson’s newest effects, Inked and SCOnK (review coming later for SCOnK) but this is a review for Inked.

    Effect: 10/10

    The basic effect of Inked is amazing. You visually pass the pip or corner of a card right through your cheek and show that the card is missing the pip or corner and when you open your mouth it appears tattooed to the inside of your mouth. Also you can do the effect with a thought of person that is freely chosen by the spectator ending up tattooed inside your mouth as an awesome way to reveal the name. Jordan also has a thread on The Magic Café that states you can do it with basically anything that a spectator can choose from.

    Method: 11/10

    Okay so when I saw the method behind this it absolutely floored me. So creative and ingenious I would have never thought to do something like this. It is very easy to do and with Jordan’s method you can make the tattoo appear and disappear whenever you wish. Just the method alone makes this effect stand out to me. My mom yelled at me when I showed her the tattoo because she thought it was a real one. It looks so good.

    Preparation/Gaff: 10/10

    The preparation for this is pretty easy to achieve. You can literally set this up one time and it will last for a long, long time. You can get the supplies for like $5 at any office store or Wal-Mart. The setup takes probably ten minutes but lasts a long time. Also Jordan has a thread in the private forum at Black’s Magic Group that states how to make a real quick setup but it won’t last at long but can allow you to make the gimmick when you don’t have one of the supplies with you (which are the original way Jordan said he used to do the effect). But the best way is the one described in the DVD because it lasts the longest.

    Visualness: 8/10

    I don’t know if visualness is a word but I just made it one. Inked it pretty visual seeing as you rub the pip off of a card. Also the tattoo can be seen from the inside of your mouth for quite a few feet which plays good for a crowd so everyone can see the effect. Also the spitting of the tattoo back onto the card is visual and requires a basic slight for the spitting on of the symbol.

    Variations: 9/10

    Inked can be used with basically anything you wish. ESP symbols, card pips, card corners, initials, names, shapes, colors, whatever your brain can think of.

    Overall: 9/10

    I think this is a great way to reveal anything to a spectator. Tattoos have an element of permanence and when you reveal a name or card that they think is forever tattooed inside your mouth it just doesn’t get any better than this. I’ve gone out and performed this and it gets just the reactions that I want from an effect. Also, Inked is as close to impromptu as you can get. It requires no pocket space and you can walk around all day with nothing but a deck of cards and perform this over and over again without refills or resets. Jordan really hit a home run with this effect and I highly recommend it to anyone who want real world, on the edge magic that is visual and easy to do.
  2. Great Review!!!
    Anyway, where can I get this trick? It sounds really good.

  3. I got the effect straight from but I think it is available at most magic dealers
  4. Thanks for the review - I've been thinking about picking this up.

    With Warning no longer available, I guess this would be a suitable alternative but I'd much rather prefer to pull down my lip to show the selected card vs. open my mouth and turn sideways to try and expose the inside of my cheek. The reveal seems a little awkward....and possibly gross (in a bad way).
  5. I watched SCOnK. Wow is that a lot of work for a sandwich effect. I was bored. I cannot imagine how the spectator felt. That guy may have well spanked it in front of the spectator because he was the only doing anything or enjoying himself. I also believe when you say "Here, we'll lose your card in the deck..." and then flourish for twenty seconds, they know you're controlling. Just do a Mullica shuffle or false overhand. Hell drop some cards. Don't let them know you're as good as you are.
  6. Where can I get this?
  7. Just saw I think the first review of Inked and Im glad you liked it Quickhandz.

    Also Pavan R. you can get it at most local dealers (MJM, Penguin, MagicProShop, etc.)

    It is also available at

    Thanks guys!

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