Insane by Andy Nyman

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  1. The mentalism effect looks interesting and I can see how powerful it can play out in real life, but the preview video seem be a little misleading due to some camera work.

    So the question is, how examinable are the 2 cards after the reveal? In other words, will there be some clean up work necessary prior to handing it out? Not that it would make it a poor effect because cleaning up is usually a part of any good illusion, this is more about having a little more information before deciding to purchase.

  2. Obviously nobody has the effect yet, I believe the selected card is quite dirty. Matthew Mello's ACAAN on his Modern Mentalism DVD I assume is fairly similar but you are left clean at the reveal. The handling of Insane is super clean and fir this reason I believe it would be better suited for a more formal parlor type presentation.
  3. I agree and I think it's worth the look. I was just wondering if someone that is familiar with the effect (or perhaps Andy himself) might want to provide a little more information.
  4. This reminds me to Daniel Madison's Selective, I'm not sure how fair is the spectator's dealing the card in reality.
  5. I'm a big fan of Daniel Madison's material and way of thinking, but surprisingly I've never heard of Selective.
  6. Looks like its from his "One" notes
  7. If it is similar it looks like Daniel Madison approves he posted a link on facebook.
  8. Yes, it is in his "One" notes. The trick is meant to be performed before "Heritage", which can be found in the same notes
  9. After watching the effect I thought of how it could be done without knowing other effects as such, but i'm not going to buy it simply because i'm from too far away. If anyone wants to buy it, but also wants to know how it could be done ( in my oppinion ) can send me a PM. I just want to help :D
  10. Daniel Madison's Selective is impromptu though, and in the description of insane it says "Everything you need is included, with specific, premium props hand selected by the creator." so it can't be too similar. I am quite excited with this because Andy is one of Derren Brown's people :D I guess we will just have to wait and see.
  11. A few months ago, I bought the book The Open Prediction Project by Thomas Baxter. It taught 51 different versions of this plot (the open prediction); 51 being a tip of the hat to the original Stewart James trick, 51 Faces North, which is the holy grail of this plot. Some of the methods in that book are completely hands off, self working, or meet more of Stewart James's original requirements, but Insane looks cleaner. The only potential problem I have with Insane is that I don't know if you can deal the cards face up, and I have many methods that allow you to do that.
  12. I dont think I would be a problem having the cards dealt face up. Personally I like having the cards face down for many reasons
  13. Looking at the trailer I'm getting a Blind by Daniel Madison kind of feel. But it seems to be gimmicked so I guess not.
  14. I don't have "Insane," but my guess is that you can have the cards dealt face up. That said, if you have "The Open Prediction Project" I'm sure there's a similar method in there...
  15. Having the cards dealt face up would be quite risky for this.
  16. If the method is what I think it is, then I'm pretty sure the cards cannot be dealt face up... I'm excited to get this come pay day.
  17. Actually, to clarify, I could imagine a handling in which the cards are dealt face up until the card that is stopped on.
  18. Don't worry lads... I've got a copy ordered and I plan to review it once it shows up by next week.
  19. Am I crazy or was an extremely similar method taught on the Talk About Tricks dvd set?
  20. We don't know the method yet... unless someone got overnight shipping and received it on Saturday (FedEx does that, don't know about the others).

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