Insignia by Eric Ross

Nov 3, 2010
Hey guys Eric Ross has finally released his effect Insignia! If you guys have not seen it yet , please go to ellusionist and check it out.

Summary of Insignia: The spectator is asked to hold on to the magicians soda bottle while he performs the effect. A card is picked and remembered then put back into the deck. You attempt to guess their card but fail , just when the spectator thinks the effect has come to an end , here is when the awesomeness kicks in BIG TIME. The magician asks for the bottle and the attention is put towards the soda bottle label and with just a quick shake the name of soda visually morphs into the name of the card they selected!

Packaging: The packaging is very good as very good for insignia . The gimmicks come in an envelope and "How to" instructions ( No DVD ). The instructions give you everything you need to learn the effect , well made instructions. Contributions from Jared Hansen. Packaging is a 10 out of 10 in my opinion.

Effect: For the overall effect i will give it a 10 out of 10 because of how strong the reveal is and how simple and easy it is to perform.

Gimmicks: Gimmicks are 100% outstanding, Ellusionist put together outstanding labels for this effect. Very well made and creative on Eric's part and Ellusionists as well. Comes with 4 labels in all . You can get refills if you would like.

Price: price is very good for the effect comes with everything you need and its only 20 bucks! 10 out of 10

Great work Eric Ross i encourage everyone to buy this effect ! super visual, easy to do and its pretty much self working. Pure genius love the effect .
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