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Instant Switch - A variation of the Simpler switch

Jan 28, 2010
whatever... I still consider myself as a noob in card magic, as you may know, it has not been too long since I've started. I thought this was a cool place and all but it turned out just the opposite way. I found myself doing a move differently and I saw that it was woking out for me. to get advice and ask for opinions, I post it here (which was a huge mistake), and I immediately get flamed and sh*t. I get it, you guys did not like it, I'm the unknown here, f*k him, I get it. BUT you guys just can't be nice, can you? when I joined here, I wanted to be a part of this place, chat with people and stuff. I shouldn't have listened to lee asher.

HAHAHA BEST POST EVER!!! That was perfect. Take Zach's usernam advice and read a book.

wtf does that mean?
It means, stop focusing on little trifles like a flourishy card switch, espically if you are a beginner, and buy tried and tested book like royal road or card college. and, secondly, we arent flaming you we are saying that what you did isnt a variation, just b/c you dont catch the card with your thumb. That'd belike saying I created a variation on a GOAt change cause i snap with my ring finger.


Feb 9, 2010
No offense Flex, but you need to stop whining. They just said that it was not truly a variation. No need to start hating on theory11 now. Just accept their criticism and move on.
Jan 28, 2010
I was not focusing on it, I wanted to get some opinions on it, but you guys just won't let it go, and IT IS a variation. I know what variation means. I study the variations of the heart vessels every day. any single alteration from the standard position is called a variation. even if it's not, what would you like me to call it? I was supposed to name the thread, I wrote that. no biggie imo.
If its not a move you're focusing on, why post it here and complain when peopl dont like it in the first place?

Variations are useless or minor variations if they don't do one of two things:

1- dractically simplify the effect

2- create a new effect that is losely based on an older plot.
Feb 16, 2009
South Bend, IN
I know what variation means. I study the variations of the heart vessels every day. any single alteration from the standard position is called a variation.

And I thought we were talking about card sleights here.

OK. maybe when you are studying heart vessels, that is your default definition of what a variation is, but that is totally irrelevant to the argument here. Magicians love to argue about what constitutes a variation. Some people believe a small change can make a big difference and others might feel it does absolutely nothing different. In this particular case, I would say that your variation is a very minor tweak.

As for constructive criticism, the only thing I can say is that you shouldn't worry about inventing stuff if you are new to magic. Take your time and practice as many sleights as you can. Learn as much as you can before you start inventing. Trust me, inventing new stuff is damn hard in magic because people have been inventing for centuries.
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