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  1. Okay I can't do this yet but Everyone has to try this.

    Using a pair duplicates

    do an Impulse change and ego change in one hand.

    basicly this

    1.Dan and dave double in center
    2.Diving board double or any other double but this is cooler
    3. the shake your hand doing an Impulse change and do a one handed ego change at the same time.
  2. the effect would be cool, but what's great about dan and dave's material is that they only use 52 cards in all their tricks (exept for the Jokers)... so that's what is so great about Tivo. try to do the same effect without using duplicates :) nothing's impossible ! good luck :p

  3. Reminds me of an idea I once had, but threw out because of its impractical nature.

    Basically, you have a face up card in the center and a face up card on top (not doubles). The idea was that you waved your hand over the deck and they would transpose.
    What I did was outjog the top card as my hand went over it, putting it into a loose tenkai palm. My first and/or second finger(s) would push out the center card into my right hand, under the tenkai-ed card, as the tenkai-ed card was being inserted into the center. Then I would move my right hand back with the original center card and drop it on the top of the deck.

    Not only is the difficult to do quickly and smoothly, but the angles suck. I could really only get like one good angle in the mirror (I've never performed this), and would have about 1 degree of freedom once in that position.

    But I posted this to hopefully fuel somebody else's thoughts to create comething better, not as a reccomendation to perform.
  4. Impulse and Ego at same time? Gonna try, but I think it`s hard.
    I have a version of Tivo with snap-change, rather good.
  5. mine was a jonas change while sticking or swtiching the extra card.
  6. The whole point of Tivo is not having any duplicates...
  7. can´t mentoin that better. To use NO Duplicates or tricky gimmicked cards is the special thing about the Magic of the twins.

    To you idea SOUNDS good.....but 1st of all not that more visual than the original method. 2nd of all you are going to end VERY unclean.

    AND (and i´m an optimistic person ;) ) this sounds a little complicated to execute. Impulse and Ego at the same some points it sounds almost impossible to me.

    So...nice idea....but to much work ....and not that much more visual it should be.

    I think the Twins Method is the greatest ;)
  8. And guys, you know... You should really try to stop using the name "Tivo" if you are coming up with a new transposition effect.

    - harapan. magic!
  9. ok dan and dave are pros and they have been doing magic for awhile plus they are the best flourishers we all know

    so why dont you have faith in Tivo 1 and 2
    im sure they had to work out all the kinks in there version(s)
    so i would say just learn their version(s) because they have put a lot of time into these tricks and im sure they are the best ways to do this sort of effect

    (that does not mean that you ahve to not try to make your own trick(s) just try not to take there idea and change it)
  10. It's called Jones change! :mad:
  11. I created one using dupes, but saying the method on here would be exposure, but trust me, it is sooo much easier than the originals.
  12. I would not agree even if I saw it. Using dupes on a trick that was not meant to use dupes is being lazy.
  13. But wouldn't that be the beaty of Tivo? Being about to borrow the deck and perform this great effect? Or even being able to hand out your deck to be searched for dupes after completing the effect, and not having to worry about palming that extra card and ditching it?
  14. i still think that the tricks should be learned they the are meant to be. The Original looks so many times better than that variation dummyisdumb. Espacially becuz of that unnatural hand......

    and i also think that the bucks have already done all these variations you can see out there on youtube etc. pp., while creating the tivo2.0....and after so many years of creating and perfecting this effect.....i think the got their reasons for doing the trick the way they are doing ;) (presentation purposes, viewing angles, naturality of all motions etc.)..

    so i think the best way is the original way ;)
  15. "The best way is the original way."

    That is not always true. If it was, we would all still be using a Folding Quarter to do Coin-In-Bottle. Many new variations of effects are much better than the originals, and make it look better, or even make it easier. Wait a minute... were you just saying that the original way to do Tivo is the best? If so, I feel dumb for taking the time to write this post. lol
  16. of course i just meant it for the tivo ;)

    but just think about it for a second.....coin to bottle effects....there are so much variations on it......that is true BUT!

    These are only conceptional variations...the concept is, that a coin melts through a these variations are not just variations of the very first coin through bottle effect...these are just slightly completely new tricks....the concept is still the same...but the trick is kind of different.

    so the concept of the that two cards are transpositioning....this concept is wiiiiiiiide open. two cards transpositionings can easily be executed, with a double lift....thats about it. But a double lift transpo not a variation of the tivo right? It is just a variation of the Transpositioning effect.

    Hope you got me..

    but all these things out there on youtube or whatev. are variations of the tivo itself......and the performers almost everytime just variated the handling, becuz they where not able (not skilled enough) to learn it the way, it was meant to be.

    No offence...pleaaaaase nobody should get me wrong here. But i think especially the tivo ...should first be learned in its RIGHT way ...and it should be perfected.....and THEN! after all of this can make a new CONCEPT (at that point it should make 'click' in your head ;) otherwise my post is not understandable) to create your OWN transpo effect (and please do NOT call it tivo again -.-)

    so ;) hopefully you can understand what im sayin..

    cheers guys!
  17. For the love of god will you people stop bumping this thread!
  18. It does, but I do it because:
    1. I can be lazy.
    B. It does the same effect with fewer difficult slights.
  19. the-trilogy... CIBs are not different effects. They are just different methods. Just because they claim that the coin "melts" right through the bottle, it does not mean that it is a different effect. The effect is exactly the same... a coin goes into a bottle.

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