Instructions to use PayPal to order from theory11

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Travis, Oct 20, 2007.

  1. Yes, it's possible. I read in a previous post that you could use a virtual paypal debit card, which is like an internet debit card that directly links to your account.

    Go here -

    The card number you get is a mastercard credit card number, which works on here, and just to make sure, I bought 4for4, and it worked and I am currently downloading it.
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    You can also use EntroPay if, for example, you live in the UK and don't have any of the other credit cards. You basically can top-up a virtual VISA card using your own card.

    That is what I usually use and it works a treat.

    If any of you guys would like more details, don't hesitate to PM me.
  3. nice!, if this works finally I'll be able to order something :)

    But paypal won't allow me right now says "website is at maximum capapcity or soemthing, please try again in 24 hours >_<
  4. Last night it said there were, or going to do maintenance on the site, so it's prob. down for a little while.
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    Several people have been having problems getting the Virtual Debit Card to work. I believe Mitchell (Stafiej) has been trying to do it for "years," but it hasn't worked for him.

    I'm intrigued -- let me know if you're successful (and hopefully you are :)).

  6. yeah paypal can make things easier for those people who would otherwise need to get or use someone else's credit card. with paypal you just use your bank account. like some of the younger members who might use their parents card but their own money could then just use paypal.

    too bad theory 11 don't use paypal. hopefully this new method works out.
  7. still not working, site is still in heavy usage apparently
  8. I still try every week. I'm planning on just giving up soon.

  9. do you get the site overload message?
  10. Yeah, he gets the same "website is down ... please try again in 24 hours" message. I don't have a PayPal account, so I can't try it, but everyone, who I know has tried the Virtual Debit Card feature, cannot get it to work.

  11. Darn, well, I'll keep trying, hopefully it'll eventually work
  12. what URLL do We supposed to put?
  13. Can't the website be a hoax? So they get all your paypal information and it just says: capacity of website overloaded and rip you off lol?
  14. you actually may have a point, people who have used it should watch their accounts.

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