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    I'm introducing my new effect Intake, where you make a bottle move across a table toward you without string, thread, wires, magnets, or assistants! You can watch the preview video here:
    The trick has delightfully easy execution and has a jedi feel and look to it, as if you are truly sucking the bottle back toward yourself with magical energy.
    I priced it at a measly $5.00 because of the video itself, the video is only under 2mins long, I don't bother with fluff or filler, I just jump right into it and it's done in a little over a minute. Because of the video, I thought the price is reasonable.
    This thread can be used to post any reviews by anyone who purchases it. Have a look at it!
    Important note: If you do buy it, you won't reach the download page unless you click "return to kevin parker productions" on the payment completion thank you page.
  2. Looks great! My only concern would be that magicians like to see the effect from several angles, and in several different situations in the demo video. Being that there is so much garbage in the magic market, magicians have become very careful about where they put their money. I'm sure you would attract more customers with a more in depth demo (the effect from different angles etc...) Just my advice on how to market it. It looks great though, and I could definatley see myself using it.
  3. I purchased it. waiting for the download...
  4. I edited my original post to include the note for buyers to click the 'return to kevin parker productions' link when they reach the payment completion page so that it can take them to the download page for the product.

  5. I'm excited to hear your thoughts on this. Let us know what you thought
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    Do we have to use paypal? Cuz i'm about to buy this if I can use a credit card

    Edit: Went ahead and bought it. Waiting on real player to download.
    Re edit: I'm pissed. All it did was download real player and media player lite. I got no trick. Wtf.
    Triple edit: Media player lite tried to give me a virus. I tried to go back to the download page but the option was gone. Wonderful.
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    You still have the credit card option with paypal without needing a paypal account; you'll see the credit card option when you click buy now. If you don't see the credit card form, click "don't have a paypal account? pay with your debit or credit card."

    As for your download, you should've been brought to a page that contained a link directly to the video file. It's not supposed to download Real Player or media player lite. I investigated this issue and found out that there was an error in the link; it had two forward slashes after the domain name. It's been resolved, so everything should work now.
  8. Kevin has now fixed the issue and everything is as it should be. Thanks Kevin.
  9. Patiently waiting for reviews. C'mon AsherF...

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