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  1. Hello everyone i recently got Intensity by Alex Geiser and i thought i would give it a review. Hope you guys like intensity as much as i do. :) Links are at the bottom.

    What is Intensity?

    Intensity is basically a couple of things. Intensity is 7 sleights that allow you to make cards change, make cards appear and it lets you do pure magic with out any kind of gimmicks.Who wouldn't want to do that ?! The thing that i really liked with Intensity was how all of these sleights flowed together and how every move you do sets you up for the next one. Very well done Mr. Geiser !

    How hard is Intensity?

    Intensity is about an intermediate level. Some of the sleights might take you a couple of weeks to master but its well worth it. I also want to say that you might already do some of the sleights that Alex teaches in the video so if you do i'm sure you will get this routine down in no time.

    Intensity is not that hard but you are going to need to master all of these sleights if you want to perform this beautiful routine.

    How are the angles for Intensity?

    The angles are very good but If you want to do this whole entire routine i suggest you not do it completely surrounded. The reason why is because one of the changes in this routine can not be done completely surrounded, but if you do have a large amount of people just make sure there is know one directly over your shoulder and you will be completely fine. Besides that every other change and moment in this routine are 100 % angle proof.

    How is the teaching and video quality for Intensity?

    The teaching and video quality for Intensity is top notch. Alex goes into depth on how to make every move more natural and relaxing . He also covers psychology and how to build up tension for each move , to keep the spectators interested . The quality of the video is beautiful and very clear. There are over the shoulder shots, side shots and etc. Very well done Bluecrown!

    Is there a set up for Intensity?

    Yes, there is a minor set up . There are 2 ways to set up . The set up is super easy and can be done before the routine or during the routine. I prefer not to set up before the routine only because i can do other effects and then go into Alex's routine.

    Overall i think Intensity is a great routine and i think lots of magicians will be doing this including myself .I suggest everyone take a look at this routine because its so cool and fun to perform. Awesome job to Mr. Geiser and the Bluecrown team i cant wait to see what the Bluecrown has next !

    Intensity Trailer:

    The Bluecrown home page:
  2. I'm not trying to be rude, but I prefer Chris Kenner's original In Ten City. This version looks like a cheap variation of it.
  3. Yeah I was kinda sore to not see Chris Kenner's name or his routine mentioned at all in the info or preview. Maybe it actually is mentioned in the credits of the download or something?
  4. Good review...dude reminds me of Leonardo DiCapprio
  5. chris kenner is credited in the video as influencing the routine. tho the plot may be similar it is not the same routine.
  6. I love how slow his movements are. Really smooth.

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