Interested in winning lots of magic?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by StevenLevitt, Apr 5, 2009.

  1. I have a hell of a lot of magic effects and props to give away.

    The reason is because my father (a magician also) has moved country, and he has given to me all of his effects he does not want. I have obviously kept the items I would like for myself.

    However, there are a lot of effects which I am sure will come in use for others here. So instead of me selling it all, I thought it would be nice of me to give something to this community.

    Who would be interested in winning some magic items? - If you can come up with ideas of how some of these items could be won. Please fire away ;)
  2. That's kind of you!! I don't have any ideas yet. But I tell you when I do.
  3. Can you make list of what you got?:)
  4. I will when I have time, as I have absolutely lots. :p - Will keep it as a surprise for now. However, I have popular and rare effects, I am sure everyone will enjoy them all. - They will be revealed when they are available to win :)
  5. Um a history quiz maybe or a quiz of some sort?

    Or even a little thing about yourself like Wayne did E.g what kind of magic you are into and a little bit about your influences and style?

    thats all i have for now.
  6. It'd be interesting to do something completely non-magical. I'm sure people get up to really interesting things when they're not practicing or (God forbid!) performing magic.
  7. Like going for a swift jog down the street to get say an exacto knife?
  8. A competition of some kind sounds good!
    Something like having a magic and flourishing competition or something like that.
    Or if you want to stay clear of the magic genre. How about a talent competition about something other than magic, im sure plenty of members here have talents outside of magic.
  9. sounds good man! :D
  10. or what about the funniest, most outragest, strangest, wackiest story about something?

    like the greatest liar competetion, it would be funny to read and you could be the judge.

    how does that sound?
  11. i think best reaction stories would do it. Like everyone writes their best reaction they ever got and the best one by far in your opinion wins! It's interesting and simple!

  12. sounds great. Youre very generous. Thanks you for that.
    I dont think a reaction story or anecdote is good.
    People who are good at creative writing can easily bs up something instead of giving something real.
    Other than that, I think its okay either way.
  13. Wow, thats very nice of you.
    Maybe we could create something that has to do with the trick (using an artistic medium, i.e. painting, song, sculpture, ect...)

  14. wow that's really nice!

    but I don't think you should give all the stuff to just one person, you should have 3 or 4 contests and give the winners a few good tricks, that way, there is a bigger chance of more people winning.
  15. ahhh Awesome
  16. I think thats what he was going to do. Hold several contests for single items.
  17. Or, you can do it randomly. It's definetally the fairest way. For example, put the usernames of everyone who posts in this thread (or one specifically for that purpose) in a hat, mix them, and pull one out. Removes all argument from the situation. That's what I'd do :p
  18. you should tell us we could only use

    y and

    and we had to create a trick
  19. They would have to be objects EVERYONE would have though.

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