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  1. Do you have any other hobbies or interests along with magic that are also an extension of magic... as in, they relate to magic in some way or another? How do they relate and why are they beneficial to each other?

    Aside from magic I'm also an actor... Acting is the best way to get used to performing on the stage and control blocking, projection, and even presence. I feel that magic and acting are one and the same... the only difference is that in magic, the performer uses apparatus within his performance. Strip away the apparatus? You're acting. After all, as my favourite quote goes, by Robert Houdin: "A magician is an actor playing the part of a magician". Could not be more true. My acting helps with my magic and vice versa.

    The PERFECT book for the study of this very topic that's a nice light read is The Five Points In Magic by Juan Tamariz... if you strip away the magic effects, it's essential an instruction manual on nuanced acting.
  2. For me it would have to be film making. As a writer and director I know what I want something to look like. That makes me highly critical of myself. I scrutinize details like no other and I look at things from different angles and various perspectives.

    Scripting is one of my strong points in both fields. Being able to tell a story visually is what is key. When I write a script, before I even touch a keyboard, I like to make an outline of my characters. Who they are, where they come from, what are their motivations and why are they doing what they're doing.

    The way I see it is that a magician is a moving one man production crew in that he is writer, director, choreographer, and actor.
  3. For me , it would be collecting antique.
  4. Juggling... and poker
  5. Sure. Like you, Michael, I work as an actor. Although I don't necessarily agree with what you've written on that - I agree with the essence of what you are saying. The two are indeed highly complementary.

    I'm also currently completing a psychology major at university. I spend a lot of my free time reading up on academic research - theories, experiments, and so forth. I'm particularly interested in abnormal psychology, and spend a bit of time in a few other areas as well. Since I'm a mentalist, I'm sure you can draw the links for yourself. Most recently, I've been reading about synaesthesia - one of my friends and fellow cast member in a show I'm currently acting in is a synaesthete. Funny, that.
  6. For me, hustling :p
  7. Acting/directing/writing.

    ...And comic books. That's right I do magic AND read comic books. My nerd cred is currently pretty high.

    Though I'm never sure if that's a good thing!
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    Poker (word count).
  9. It's a mixture. I'm really interested in all kinds of theories on different events that occured in the past and also theories on todays psychological grounds. As well as reading and studying the mind and brain of a person i also write a lot of stories. From simple thoughts to longer short story type literature.

    Mostly it's the other way around. Anything else i do is influenced by magic because it's basically my whole life.

  10. No instruments anyone?

    I've played piano most of my life, long before magic. It helped me learn practicing techniques that helped with magic, and also is a nice exercise in stretching out you hands, and building finger strength.
  11. Jesus Christ is a big intrest of mine and i've recently connected two big name magic tricks to Gospel plots. and one less then big name effect by a big name creator (dan harlan) to another Gospel plot. Sam the Bellhop, Clutch by Oz Pearlman, and Snapped again by dan harlan.

    and this except i play Euphonium. it works the fingers in my right hand. and practice discipline.
  12. I've been playing percussion for about 7 years now. If anybody else plays, they know that mallet and stick control adds a lot of strength to your hands and forearms as well as motor skills. If I can play a piece without looking at the keys, I can certainly perform magic without looking at my hands.
  13. I've been playing piano.
    You achieve great fingerskillz^^ which will help when performing and practicing magic.
  14. I've actually been a cheerleader for about 7 years now. This definitely helped me with my magic in my presentational skills and being able to visualize a routine clearly.
  15. I play guitar myself, it definitely helps with magic.
  16. My interest in archaeology of the Ancient Near East, Mythology, and History at times add to my ability to come up with new presentations for effects.

    Like Worldwideme, I'm a Christian and do gospel magic. And, I also practice fire-eating, which while indirectly helping in magic, I suppose it's more that being a magician allows me to be a better fire-eater (having learned to engage a crowd, etc.)

    To be fair, being in Boy Scouts (I'm now an Eagle scout) affected both my magic and fire-eating: 1) it gave me a venue to practice (often to tough audiences who nit-picked if I flashed), 2) I learned to be a better public speaker (a good skill to have as a magician), 3) Taught me how to be safe around fire, but also inspired my pyromaniac side.
  17. Music. My high school music teacher was big on "making the piece your own", which I've taken to magic.

    I'm also a psychology major, so I like doing pseudo enhanced cognition routines.

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