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Hey Guys,

This is mainly directed at the Moderators and/or Artists.

We seem to have had an increase recently in off-topic posts, spam and abusive members and in most cases they seem to be targetting less popular hours.

I really think having at least one international moderator would really help this.

Though I would love to put my own hand up, I personally believe that praetoritevong would be the best person for the job. Not only is he a great poster and valued member, but he spends a lot of time on the site especially helping others.

Though we definately dont want to many moderators in total, it would definately help to keep the site clean, when you guys are in bed!

We should start a petition and send it to someone. Everyone who wants Praetoritevong as a mod, post here and I'll put your name under this post, let's see how many we can get.

1. Tumbleweed
2. RDChopper
3. Ace to Z-magic
4. Cringe Magic22
5. drkrelemnts
6. Blink
7. Steven Levitt
8. stephenprayogo
9. manks123
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