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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RXillusionist, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. I've never bought anything from T11 directly. And the reason for this, and I believe this is the same for people living internationally, is that the shipping is much too high! I've bought loads of cards from friendly ebayers, and they have dirt cheap international shipping (12.50 for a brick!). Now there are some cards that I can't buy from them just yet (like the new S&Ms), so I've just got to buy it from T11 directly.
    So, a kind and sincere plead, cheaper international shipping PLEASE!!!
  2. Its been mentioned many many times before,

    They have mentioned they use exact costs from their Suppliers, or very close to.

    It seems the only option is to offer a cheaper form of Shipping, which most of us would be more than happy to accept (and we are usually used to this shipping) but I believe Theory11 would rather keep their current options.

    I went to purchase $350 worth of items about 10 minutes ago, but shipping was going to be very expensive, that I didnt bother.

    EDIT: I have even spoken directly to J. Bayme regarding this on the phone, and they advised that they do the best the very can regarding Costs, though perhaps a larger selection of options may be a new option they could look at.

    Hopefully he see's this thread and can update us!
  3. Matt

    What the hell were you going to spend $350 on?
  4. Maggggggggic

    haha, Nah but a lot of Cards, in preperation for The Fringe, the Holiday Period and my trip to the US next year.
  5. I havent bought from theory11 in a while because of their shipping if only they had ellusionists shipping or penguins.
  6. Penguins shipping is amazing, but possibly due to the volume of sales.

    I would be happy if Theory11 could get somewhere between where they are currently, and Penguin/Magic Pro Sales etc. Would allow us to purchase a heap more! Even if they were delivered via a cheaper method (Eg Padded Bag)
  7. I bought a JN Deck from Lee Asher, i live in germany, but the shipping only cost 3 $ and took only 1 week (USPS). I don't know where the Problem is.
    Sorry for my bad Englisch.
  8. I have to admit that it has stopped me buying directly from T11 before.
  9. I have never bought from t11 directly, well anything that is shipped.

    Why can they just give us the envelope option. Seriously t11 listen to us!

    And Matt where did you get Baymes number?

  10. Chris called him up when a group of us were hanging out. From memory it was fairly early in the morning in the States haha (Sorry J :p)
  11. haha, not bad.

  12. Sorry I didnt mean to be so stupid. Sorry.

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