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  1. has anyone ordered the cheapest international shipping ?
    if you did, you got your package on time and good conditions ?
    im in mexico if anyone is intrested hehe
  2. i haven't got mine in Australia i was wondering the same thing
  3. I'm from canada. I ordered for 1.93 for international shipping. Hopefully it will come this week.

  4. Don';t bet on it! It took mine five days to ship, and it will take another 7-21 business days to get here!
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    Well, patience is a virtue, and, if that's not enough, I'm sure the wait is well worth it:

    "Those who wait shall inherit the best possible magic effect." :D

  6. Wow,

    I live in Canada and mine shipped the next day. And it said shipping will take 5-7 days.
  7. Jack, great quote. I believe Abraham Lincoln was the first to say that in 1723. It was during his state of the world address. Pretty sure that's correct.

    All orders-- international and domestic-- will ship out within 24 hours. Business days only, of course. We have not yet been able to convince the USPS to work on Sundays. We will continue to write them letters daily though to try our best. I think we're making headway.

    Dizzie, I checked on your order this afternoon, and as it was placed during Labor Day weekend, it was not processed by our team until Tuesday. We had a weird shipping glitch that we had to work out on Tuesday, but this was fixed first thing Wednesday morning, and your package left our warehouse on Wednesday late afternoon. It's in the hands of the USPS now and should arrive within the next few days. I apologize for the glitch and delay. If you should need any further assistance on it, definitely shoot our support team a message and they'll take care of you ASAP.

    For all orders now, all packages will leave our warehouse within 24 business hours. Feel free to contact t11 support for any questions on shipping, tracking, nunchucks, and small mammals.
  8. thx JB
    with the 24 hour thing is tht excluding sundays
  9. Yeah, Saturdays and Sundays are not business days, at least in the Western world, so the shipping within 24 hours policy applies to weekdays only.

  10. I ordered on the 2nd September and according to USPS the package is in Conneticut. Isn't Theory 11 in South Carolina?

    The tracker says: Electronic Shipping Info Recieved. ORANGE CT 06477 09/06/07 11:36am The U.S. Postal Service was electronically notified by the shipper on September 6, 2007 to expect your package for mailing.

    Service Type: International Letters and Cards(Im getting 6 guardians??)

    A week and it hasn't even left the states?

    Strange stuff.
  11. Nick,

    Rest assured that it's well on the way. The tracking number is just for delivery confirmation purposes, and cannot be used (like the UPS options) to track a package each step of the way. Our main offices are based in SC; our warehouse is based in CT; Raiker lives in Florida; CK is in Vegas; Lee is in Canada; Aaron is in LA; and Wayne comes from heaven.

  12. Did not know that...explains alot really
  13. Cheers! Good to see the CEO taking such an active role in the daily running.
  14. nice to see that staff is taking care of it.

    Can't wait to see the mailman come! :p

  15. nothing to do with me, but i'm just really glad the staff talk on the forums and take our concerns into account. this is probably the only magic site where the freaking CEO and other pro magicians talk daily on the forums and help us out. i'm really impressed. I'm sticking with t11 for sure now.

  16. I have ordered some items and received the confirmation mail on 7 Sep, but I have not received them until today 13 Sep...... I have paid for the Express Mail International (EMS)......=_= Why????
  17. Well think about it; you received the conformation that Theory 11 shipped your order. What do you want them to do now? When the order leaves the warehouse, it's all in the hands of the shipping provider.
  18. The confirmation is the proof that your package has left the warehouse, meaning it is now, not in the hands of theory11, but in those of the shipping company (which I believe is the USPS).

    They are responsible for the arrival of your package, and they don't work on Sundays, which is an extra day it takes for your package to arrive.

    Express Mail International will arrive within 3-5 business days, your package arrived in 5 days (maybe it got stuck in customs).

  19. Oh ok I thought it was actual tracking like location....Except you really need to add a disclaimer saying your not responsible for anything that happens in shipment once it's out of our hands. Since It took 7 days not 5 (business) for my INT'L express package to reach me since the post people by my house are incompotent (it makes me feel better making fun of them). So never assume it'll be in that time frame.


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