Interview with Criss Angel by Penn - Made me respect Angel more.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JustinClark, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. yes i saw this awhile ago and was going to make a thread but couldnt find the vid again
  2. Very good interview, it didn't really change my perspective with Criss. I've always been sort of neutral. I don't hate him, but I don't love him either. I respect that he makes a lot of money and entertains millions of people. For some reason though, I don't think Penn & Teller are "friends" with Criss Angel anymore. They used to appear on "Mindfreak" frequently, but now I never see them. Same with Lance Burton and others.
  3. to be honest, I can't hate Criss for 3 reasons.

    1. If you've ever seen his Masterminds video with Houchin, you'll see he's actually not the douchebag you see on TV. He actually seemed like a nice guy who really wanted you to grasp the whole Coin in Can trick. He sounded thoughful and polite.

    2. Phenomenon. He had no problem calling out BS, Arguing with Uri, and overall was very down to earth on that show as well. Sure, it may have been to drum up some publicity, and even marginally hypocritical, but it was another welcome change from his Mindfreak Persona.

    3. He put Perez Hilton in his place. Some people say it was unprofessional, but honestly, Perez deserved it. Actually he deserved worse. And by the looks of it, is getting it - just ask the dude from the black eyed peas. Yes there is a line that a performer should never cross - but Perez is the exception that proves the rule.

    I'm not a huge fan or anything, but after those things, I can't really hate on him. He's got his brand - his persona - and though I may not like it and some of the stuff he does, it's not enough to really polarize me in any direction. He's human, makes mistakes, and is relatively average. He's ok, but by no means my idol.
  4. My thoughts exactly.
  5. It would appear that this does bring a bit of light to Criss, although I still do not respect him as a magician, just as an entertainer. The interview is hard to hear because Penn loves to be the center of attention and continuously talks over Criss. I found that a ad bit annoying.
  6. I also completely agree with this. Especially with number two. I think what's-his-name had it coming to him. Angel stood up to both him and Uri. Good for him!
  7. Eh that interview is two years old. A lot has changed about him and his opinoin in two years. Penn and Teller are no longer his friends due to how he has treated people over the years. I don't know if Lance Burton is his friend either anymore.

    I do recall a video of Penn pretty much saying Believe was massive pile of dog crap.
  8. i agree with you
  9. I love how people here a good interview and all the bashing stops.
  10. ya right haha
  11. I've never bashed Criss. In fact, I've defended him when people did bash him.

    Now, let me be clear, I am not a big fan, honestly. I haven't seen many eps of "Mindfreak". I just don't see the reason to out-and-out hate him so much. And as I said, anyone who stands up to Callahan and Gheller is okay in my book. :)
  12. yeah. that's basically what I said.

    I don't see the reason to be as polarized in either direction with him as most people are.
  13. I just find it funny that on THIS website " Criss Angel sucks!" is said far to often, and this thread shows up and people say "Well he isn't a bad guy.". :rolleyes:
  14. Penn has his own radio show? Didn't know that, but it makes sense. That dude loooooves to talk.

    I love the Criss Angel show. His remarks to Perez Hilton made me like him even more.

    Sinful with Criss Angel and Wayne Houchin was the first magic DVD I ever bought.
  15. Why the attitude? It seems to me that the people who are saying "he isn't a bad guy" are the people who've been saying that all along.
  16. Penn used to have his own radio show. He stopped doing it because it took up too much time. Apparently he'd start it up again, but only if he could do it once a week instead of every weekday. Or so I heard in an iTricks interview.
  17. There wasn't attitude intended. More shock than anything.
  18. Oh, okay. My mistake. Please accept my apologies. :)

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