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  1. My church is having an Evening of Elegance (EOE) in about two weeks. The whole premise behind it is treating the girls well. The guys serve them food, socialize with them during the meal, ( I think its about 2 or 3 guys per table of girls.) then there is dancing and yadda yadda yadda.
    I was planning on having some effects ready to perform for EOE (my church knows I do magic.)
    And since the main audience will be girls, I was wondering what intimate effects are out there.
    I have French Kiss and a simple mind read. ( the right patter can make this very intimate.)
    Any suggestions are appreciated.

    And no I am not trying to pick up any girls with these, they are for entertainment only. (but if something happens, well thats just a coincidence haha ;) )

    Your boy,
  2. Intimate and elegance..... The person that comes to my mind is Jon Born. Check his stuff out. He is all about the elegance of magic.
  3. Nice I'll check him out. Thanks

    Any specific effects you can think of at the moment?
  4. :)

    I am a little bit busy right now so I can't fully help you, but there is something quick that I can do...

    check that thread, I shared the ACR that I once had using the theme of a "love history" as patter, you may find it useful :).
  5. there is a dvd called art of attraction, its by spyder, its all about gettin chicks. some of the routines are really nice tho, use of poems and patter
  6. Umm. I can't for the life of me think of anything at the moment! I am sorry. I am sure I'll think of something in the very near future though.
  7. Thank you RD, I'll use that as inspiration

    I'll check it out, but again I dont want to pick up chicks. I want the intimate effects because it fits the mood of the evening. Thank you for the suggestion though.
  8. Totally forgot about Deep 3!
    and poetry reading looks pretty cool.
    I'll be sure to look into them.
    Thank you.

    Your boy,
  9. watch cyril....he does that type of what he does...u wanna wow the women....this is church....not a lets nto get to intimate....lets keep it simple......
  10. shouldn't the church be calling you a heretic and a witch?
  11. Derren Brown's "Zamiel Rose"... it is intimate and beautiful. Although it does require some skills with cards and misdirection.
  12. :rolleyes:

    I know this comes up in every church/magic thread, however hear me out.

    I think stigmata is a fantastic effect, and very personal.
    Obviously I don't call it stigmata or refer to it in any sort of religious way, but the effect is very strong, and allows you to be not only mentally, but physically connected with a person. If you go beyond just the card revelation and use something personal (via third method), then you have yourself a real winner.

  13. Oh my gosh it's 2009 not the 1700's.
  14. Wow that looks incredible, but I only have two weeks and that would take much longer to perfect for performances.

    Although I do know the card revelation of stigmata, I do not have the DVD so I do not know what the third method is. Thank you for the suggestion though, any advice is appreciated!

    Your boy,
  15. Floating Rose

    Paper Roses

    Flash Paper Rose to Rose Production

    Flower Box Productions

    "Pulse Trick" forced Queen of Hearts

    Torch to Rose

    Cups and Balls with final loads being glass diamonds.
  16. Good suggestions, I will look into those.
  17. your an idiot
  18. hell no don't do anything derren brown...he's an athiest....forreal!!! thats unethical...

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