Introduce some DVD's?

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  1. Can someone introduce some DVD for flourish?i've gotten Motion,Lethal,Lethal Bonus,Show off by Brian1-3,D&D System,Trilogy.

    Anythingelse? Is Hestnes a flourisher? Does kevin Ho had a teaching DVD...?thx
  2. I'm pretty sure you have more than enough to flourish with. I'd say just stick with those and get them down fluently...less than half of that stuff is already a lot to learn and get down smoothly.

  3. Is Hestnes a flourisher?
  4. yes he is.
  5. There is also eXtreme cuts with Keone
    Its alright
  6. Does he have any DVD or and DVD involves his moves?
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    It seems that you already have an embarrassment of riches in your hands!I don't see why you need to be intruduced to more. :confused:
    Trust me, the more flourishing courses you have or try to learn from, at the budding stage of card manipulation, the more it all goes to pot(often so at least). Completely learn the routines from one of those videos, then move on to the next.

    Getting back on topic, you may want to try De'vo's Cradle to Grave.

    Don't waste your or your parents' money. As Captain Jack Sparrow said, learn ALL of the flourishes from those DVDs, and THEN consider buying another one (although, after you've learnt all of those flourishes, i'm sure you'll be making your own up).

    Don't be wasteful,
  9. No but he has tutorials in his youtube account.

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