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  1. Hey there guys.

    So its simple, introduce yourself, if you want an example try this:

    Real name: Maan Al-Yasri
    Hobbies other than magic: Sports,traveling
    How I started in magic: half a year ago, When I found a magic store I wanted to buy a simple gimmicked coin bite to show some friends. Then I saw how much I enjoyed performing and how much people loved seeing it. So I got a couple of books and dvds, and I started. I could never sleep for the first week I just had the urge to practice.
    Where Am i now: Well now I perform at my uncles bar every other week but I think I am going to stop and practice some more then start opening up to paid gigs and performing in public.
    Where do I come from: Father Iraqi, Mother I guess I am mixed.
    Where do i live: London,uk

    So just talk about your self and your magical life.
  2. hey hey

    Real name: Nelson Oliver
    Hobbies other than magic: Basketball!!!
    How I started in magic: i saw my friends friend preforming (magicfreak667) at a lock in and i loved it and i started practicing little stuff then i went to a magic shop and met him there and now were like best friends haha
    Where Am i now: i work at a restraunt every friday night and i am trying to get another job for tuesdays!
    Where do I come from: Louisville! Go Cards!
    Where do i live: Louisville
  3. whats up?

    Webster Gehring
    i'm 15 and i'm into music and my faith, i got into magic when i bought a stripper deck and some gimmicked coins at a magic shop while in Orlando. I'm like the only magician in at least my high school and i only know of one professional magician in my area, so i guess i love having that unique gift. i've lived in the same small town in Illinois my entire life, Galesburg
  4. Name: Charlie King
    Age: 14
    Hobbies Other Than Magic: Playing Guitar and hanging out with friends
    How I started magic: I used to watch criss angel a few years ago and I wanted to know how he did his effects. While looking for that on YouTube I found tons of tutorials for magic, not really realizing it was wrong at the time. Then I discovered Penguin Magic and I took off from there. I always enjoyed seeing people's reactions.
    Where Am I Now: Well, I still have yet to get a gig but I perform for people I barely know all the time at school, on the bus, etc. I can say that I can actually entertain a crowd now.
    Where Do I Come From: Well I live in America now but I was born and raised in Bristol, England.
    Where am I now: Colorado, America
  5. Name: Matt Krug
    Age: 16
    Hobbies Other Than Magic: Guitar, Bass, Parkour, Warhammer 40k.
    How I started magic: Buddy of mine has been in it for 5 years. I just gradually picked it up, almost accidentally. Now it's become essentially my whole life.
    Where Am I Now: I used to do magic for parents at my old work, before I quit. Now looking. I've been into magic for 2 years, and I like to think I'm advanced for the short amount of time.
    Where Do I Come From: Marlton, New Jersey.
    Where am I now: ...Marlton, New Jersey.
  6. I didn't imagined that most users here were so young :p
  7. yeah its crazy isnt it?
  8. Name: Casey Rudd
    Age: 14 (yes, another young folk)
    Hobbies Other Than Magic: Drums, Video Games, Gymnastics, Skateboarding Film
    How I Started Magic: My brother showed me the 21 card trick after watching David Blaine's Street Magic Special back in 2007. I was immediately hooked.
    Where I m Now: Still a beginner-intermediate. Not THAT beginner, but there is so much more to learn from here on out. I perform to different people on the streets sometimes, and perform for friends at school (they are my test subjects). I soon hope to start filming LIVE performances, and start to perfom for people at restaurants.
    Where Do I Come From?: Bay City, Texas
    Where I Live Now: Charleston, South Carolina
  9. Cedric Taylor


    Football (how bout dem cowboys?!?!),videogames, anything WWE or TNA, horrors, and comedies...

    My uncle did some simple magic that i never could figure out....i started studying....

    I am happy where i am, but i am nowhere near satisfied....

    Itta Bena, Ms: population (3, nahhh seriously a couple of hundred only)
    When the time is right, i want to be able to work with some of the greatest names in magic, until then, i'll study and work hard....
  10. Real name: Williams Jung (Yes, there's an S. Birth certificate screw up much?)

    Age: 17

    Hobbies other than magic: Music (trumpet, piano), modern dance (krumping, jerking), writing poetry,

    How I started in magic: As a kid, I was always fascinated with magic. I remember watching "World's Greatest Magic" on ABC Family for a whole week straight in 3rd grade. Then, three years ago, I was performing a bootleg bill vanish and my substitute teacher that period just happened to be a magician. He called me over and asked me what I was doing. Then he told me about Penguin Magic, taught me a few sleights, and I got started from there.

    Where am I now: I'm just a casual performer. I don't do gigs. I perform at school most of the time. Sometimes I might go to the mall or the local fair and perform there. At this age, I don't want to take people's money just to amaze them.

    Where do I come from: Born in New York City, raised in China, then came back to the U.S for elementary school. My mom and dad are full Chinese, but I think I have some Mongolian in me somewhere down the bloodline. And I tend to think I'm related to Atilla the Hun.

    Where do I live: North Carolina!
  11. Real name - Anthony, 15

    pratcing/performing for two years, going to be three in october.

    Other hobbies - wrestling, yoga and working out.

    how i got started - from watching it on tv.

    Where am i now - making my own variations of tricks, script writing and looking to work in restraunt when i get older. But trying to find a job now outside of magic.
  12. Real Name: Michael, 14

    Been into magic for about two years

    Other hobbies: Dirt bike riding, music, Making millions, being awesome!

    Got started by seeing Criss angel on t.v. (only magician on NZ t.v.)

    Just started street performing and hope to be a pro busker one day

    I live in New Zealand!!! :D
  13. Real name: Amanda Fritts

    Age: 19

    Other Hobbies: anything to do with music and film, being outside, ect.

    How I got started in magic: we had a sub for my chemisty class junior year and he would always do little card tricks. i made him do them so many times that i figured them out. i've been hooked on it ever since.

    Where I am now: i perform a lot of gigs at nursing homes. i've been working at a resturant/bar for a few months now.

    Where I'm from: small town ohio.
  14. Okay... I'll bite.

    William Draven

    Real name:Wayne Phelps
    Age: 29
    Hobbies other than magic: Paintball, Role Playing Games, Miniture War Games
    How I started in magic: Saw David Copperfield vanish the statue of liberty when I was two years old. Wanted to do magic even then, and just stuck with it.
    Where Am i now: I'm now a performing magician out in Los Angeles, California. I've had some national TV apperances, as well as enjoyed a national tour.
    Where do I come from: Troy, Ohio
    Where do i live: Los Angeles, California
  15. Real name: louis.
    Hobbies other than magic: Sports,traveling
    How I started in magic: at the age of 6 my grand father gave me a magic DVD.
    Where Am i now: I've stopped doing magic for the past 4 months but i still love messing around with cards
    Where do I come from: Montreal
    Where do i live: montreal
  16. Real name:Michael Smith
    Age: 17
    Hobbies other than magic: Basketball
    How I started in magic: always had an interest after seeing david blaine, then i had someone do close up for me and a pizza place, i was hooked.
    Where Am i now:Thinking about presentation, wanting to become a better performer
    Where do I come from: Birmingham, Alabama
    Where do i live: Franklin, Tennessee
  17. I'll be a follower for now...

    Real name: Caleb Oh
    Age: 23
    Hobbies other than magic: Guitar, Bass, Music in general, and chemistry
    How I started in magic: I had learned fewe tricks long ago, at one point, I didn't have my guitar with me for a long period of time, and found a deck of cards. I started to learn some flourishes and they led to tricks and here I am.
    Where Am i now: I don't get paid, for the most part. I perform at parties and some volunteer gigs. I do not plan on being a full time magician, so this is perfect for me.
    Where do I come from: Songtan, South Korea
    Where do i live: Denver, CO

  18. i live right next to troy! :]
  19. Real Name : Jenai Dalal

    Age : 12

    Hobbies other than magic : Music(Drums,) , Football (soccer) , Video Games

    How I started in magic : I started magic about 6 months ago,my cousin showed me a card trick and thats what sparked my interest (thats basically it not to much to it really)

    Where Am I now : Im Still a beginner, I dont do gigs/shows i just show my magic to my friends & family

    Where do I come from : Mumbai, India

    Where do I live now : Mumbai, India
  20. Mr.Madman

    Real name: Mikk Pärg
    Age: 16
    Hobbies other than magic: Film, Volleyball, Beatboxing, Flourishin, Web Design and Graphic design, hangin out with friends.

    How I started in magic: I saw David Copperfield perform here and i was just amazed that someone posessed the powers for that and a few years later i mate my magic buddy with who we now stopped performing together since we saw that it wasnt working out but we jam a lot. Anyway, after meeting him he introduced it to me and then it began. 6-7 months of Street...

    Where Am i now: I'm now a part time performer. I go to gigs every now and then, in school still so i can't perform full time. I have had TV appearances, i am an active and high ranked guy in my countrys magic Society, i now have 5 over 200 people events under my belt and i am the only Mentalist in the country(pure mentalist).

    Where do I come from: Pärnu, Estonia
    Where do i live: Pärnu, Estonia


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